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Levy Plus electric scooter meets all needs

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In 2018, Levy Electric introduced an entry-level scooter with a replaceable rechargeable battery that extends the life of the scooter. In January of this year, the company launched a new version of Levy Plus. For the past week, I have been using it to conduct electronic patrols in the surrounding community to work, lunch or volunteer at my child's school.

The Levy Plus is equipped with bigger tires and a larger battery, which is a good, affordable compromise between the Hulk-like aircraft Boosted Rev and the lightweight tubeless tires of scooters like Unagi. It is worth mentioning that I have been using prototypes. The Levy Plus version shipped to customers from January 2020 differs from my version in some ways.

Levy Plus electric scooter meets all needs

Even considering that this is not my first electric scooter arena, assembling Levy Plus is intuitive. After charging, I charged the battery, inserted the LED display, tightened the handle, and clamped the battery to the handle. Levy founder and CEO Eric Levenseller assured me that customers will now receive scooters that are easier to assemble. You no longer need to pass the brake cable through the handle and tighten the brake attachment. After confirming the delivery date of the scooter, the company will also send a description email.

Levy Plus has a single-wheel motor on a folded matte aluminum frame. It has hand brakes, rear foot brakes and a tripod. On the handlebar, you have an LCD display with a throttle, power and function buttons, and a small bell.

The LCD screen looks simple. When turned on, it shows your speed, driving mode (beginner, environmental and sports), battery life, and whether the light is on. Press the function button twice to turn the bright LED headlights and taillights on and off.

Levy Plus electric scooter meets all needs

But when you try to do something else, you end up spending a lot of time holding a scooter in front of a motorcycle screen, watching instructional videos, and pressing different button combinations. (Fortunately, my desk is in my garage.) Press the power and function buttons to switch to P4 and change the maximum speed. To turn on cruise control, you perform the same operation, but switch to P1, press the function button to edit, press the menu button ... Ah, did you know? Just watch the video yourself.

On gray days, I found that the LCD display was a bit dark, but the screens of the factory models were indeed brighter. The beginner mode has a top speed of 6 mph, and in my version, the sport mode has a top speed of 15 mph. The current iteration has a top speed of 18 mph, and Levenseller states that you can also limit it to 13 mph or 15 mph, depending on the regulations of your city. There is another video where you can learn how to do it.

The most obvious difference between Levy and other electric scooters is that the battery is located on the handlebar, not inside or under the deck for easy operation. Its appearance is not very attractive, but hey, it is easy to charge by clicking and closing.

Levy Plus electric scooter meets all needs

You can also purchase additional battery packs to replace the batteries or replace them after the batteries eventually run out, extending the life and investment value of the scooter.

I am satisfied with the performance of the battery, after a week of nudges in sport mode, turn it on and off, then go up and down the mountain, the battery level is 60%. It also has regenerative energy brakes to restore power when you use it. The levy touts a range of 18 miles, but you may find that the range depends on size, environment, and speed mode.

Single-wheel motors are very slow on 10% to 15% hillsides (they did notice that it is recommended to use them only on 5-10% hillsides). Pushing the pedals is the default setting for safety reasons, but is particularly annoying when going uphill. Whenever I stop at the stop sign on the hill next to the house, I usually do a quick spin to re-trigger the electronic help.

I also like 10-inch pneumatic tires compared to the original Levy's 8.5-inch tubeless tires. I know some people may find tire inflation annoying, but obviously their streets are in much better condition than the streets around me. I also like that Levy Plus has both disc brakes and rear foot brakes, and it's trustworthy even when riding on large hills.

It seems polite to describe the $ 699 scooter as a modest price, but it turns out it's less than half the price. Boosted Rev, but with its excellent manufacturing quality, I found its sturdy, reliable disc brakes and tires that are soft enough that I don't need to be able to steer every crack in the road. And, if you want to handle US-based customer service queries, Levy is located in New York City.