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Harley-Davidson discontinues production of electric bikes

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According to Automotive News, Harley-Davidson has decided to suspend the production of LiveWire electric bicycles, which has cast a shadow over the global electrification trend. LiveWire, Harley-Davidson's first electric bicycle, began shipping to dealers in September of this year, and once carried the company's mission of expanding its new customer base.

It is understood that Harley-Davidson recently discovered that LiveWire had a "non-standard" technical problem in the final quality inspection. Harley said the company decided to temporarily suspend production and delivery due to the need for further testing and analysis of the issue. Harley did not disclose the specific reasons for the temporary suspension, nor did it give a possible duration of the suspension.

According to Bloomberg, a memo sent to customers and dealers last week may reveal the problem. According to the memorandum, Harley requires users to use only electric bike chargers provided by the company's dealers to charge, not household power outlets, but it has not yet been confirmed whether this memo has a direct connection with Harley's decision to discontinue production.

The company's CEO, Matt Levacic, is facing Harley's 10-quarter decline in retail sales in the United States. He has positioned LiveWire as the key to creating a new generation of customers. The electric bike is extremely simple to operate and does not require a clutch or gear to accelerate by turning the throttle, but analysts doubt whether the $ 29,799 price will help the company find a young customer base.

"The company has deliberately decided to launch an electric bicycle product to prove the possibility of Harley-Davidson's electrification. We are glad we have done this," Levatic said in a July earnings call.

LiveWire should have started delivery in August initially, but according to Wade Bush Securities analyst James Hardyman, the company said at an investor day conference on September 24 that in an effort to improve, Harley decided to delay the listing of LiveWire again. date. The company opened reservations for this electric bike back in January this year.

According to a Wall Street Journal report on the morning of the 14th, citing a memorandum from Harley's chief operating officer Michel Kubill, the company notified some dealers last week that it needed to test bicycle charging devices and will suspend production during this period LiveWire. The newspaper also stated that Harley requires customers and dealers to use only special chargers sold by dealers, not household power outlets.