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What kinds of electric bicycles can be divided into?

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What types of electric bicycles can be divided into? Do you think of electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric unicycles, electric four-wheelers, electric tricycles, electric scooters, etc.

Electric bicycles can be divided into the following (strict texts of textbooks):

(1) Electric bicycles can be divided into 16in and 18in according to the wheel diameter. 20in, 22in, 24in.

(2) Electric bicycles can be divided into shaft transmission, chain transmission and friction transmission according to the transmission mode.

(3) Electric bicycles can be divided into ordinary electric type, intelligent electric assistance type and hybrid type according to the form of assistance.

What kinds of electric bicycles can be divided into?

(4) Electric bicycles can be divided into electric self-driving type according to the riding method (cyclists do not need to use their own force, as long as the power is turned on, the electric motor on the electric bicycle can work to drive the bicycle to drive) and power-assisted type (this type of vehicle collects labor It is integrated with electric power. The motor provides assistance when riding the bicycle. The amount of assistance can be transmitted to the computer chip in the controller through the intelligent sensor. The computer chip "directs" how much force the motor applies to control.) .

(5) According to the adopted drive-drive method, it can be divided into friction wheel drive type, bottom shaft sprocket drive type, and hub drive type

(6) According to the type of motor, it can be divided into brushless DC motor electric bicycles, brushed DC motor electric bicycles, and brushless DC motor electric bicycles.

(7) According to functional style, it can be divided into economic type (only a small number of necessary devices such as a battery indicator) and luxury type (the vehicle is equipped with speed, temperature, power, mileage, driving time, voltage and current and other indicators) Disk, while also equipped with front and rear vibration reduction system, smart reminder, infrared anti-theft key and rear cargo box), it seems that everyone is basically a luxury version of Qixi Festival.

(8) The degree of Android automation (intelligence) can be divided into standard types (that is, can be pedaled, and can be driven by electric power. Cyclists mainly manually control electric bicycles through the handle to change the form speed randomly within 20km / h ) And intelligent (based on the standard, by increasing the intelligence of the control system, the vehicle automatically adjusts the output power of the driving motor according to its speed, or the vehicle's control system can automatically control the battery output current according to the amount of force of the rider Strength, so as to achieve an excellent cooperation between human and electric assistance).

What kinds of electric bicycles can be divided into?

In fact, the vernacular point can be distinguished as follows:

Divided by model: can be divided into electric motorcycle, simple and load; divided by the type of power: can be divided into lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries; divided by wheels: can be divided into two, three and four wheels; divided by motor: can be divided For brushed and brushless.

In fact, in daily life, everyone does not pay much attention to the classification of electric vehicles. The purchase is mainly based on the battery size, brand, and price. For example, the high-end electric vehicles in the market are mainly lithium batteries, which are lightweight and have long battery life Far, the shape is not bad. However, for many ordinary people, lead-acid-based electric vehicles occupy the majority, and the reasons are cheap. However, with the introduction of the new national standard, lithium battery is the development direction. Which type of electric vehicle needs to be purchased depends mainly on the owner Budget, demand.