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Rampage? Pay attention to these points when traveling by electric bike!

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Many people now choose to travel by themselves. If you travel by electric bike, please read the following safety warnings carefully.

Drive non-motorized lanes when driving electric bicycles. The road is like a tiger's mouth, and the motor vehicle is like a tiger's teeth. The closer to them, the greater the risk. But there are always people who take life as an "experiment." Driving electric bicycles in motor vehicle lanes, small electric bicycles cannot bear it. They lightly pressed, rolled, bumped, and squeezed.

Rampage? Pay attention to these points when traveling by electric bike!

When driving an electric bicycle, do not bump into it. When driving electric bicycles, be sure to follow road traffic safety regulations. Don't rush into the road, and follow the traffic light instructions. Wait for three minutes, don't grab a second, stop the red light, and go green.

Wear a helmet when driving an electric bicycle. When it comes to wearing safety helmets, many electric bike drivers react to messy hairstyles in the first reaction, but do you want to wear safety helmets without wearing them? Of course not! Helmets can save lives at critical moments.

Everyone must improve their safety awareness and drive electric bicycles properly.