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Beware of routines on electric bikes, don’t be fooled

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After the implementation of the new national standard for electric vehicles, the listing of electric vehicles has been implemented in various parts of the country, the purpose is to strengthen the supervision of electric vehicles.

The management methods and detailed policies of electric vehicles in different regions are also very different, but the general point is that they must be licensed, otherwise they will not be on the road. In view of this situation, electric vehicle consumers will encounter various problems during the licensing process. In order to prevent users from adding unnecessary troubles or even falling into "traps", I have summarized a few points:

Beware of routines on electric bikes, don't be fooled

1. Electric vehicles must be insured, otherwise they will not be licensed;

2. A certain fee (labor fee or license fee) is required to be listed;

3. The trustee helps to handle the licensing procedures and collects the fees therefrom;

4. Mandatory installation of intelligent anti-theft system, and bear the installation and operation costs

Faced with a situation like this, everyone remembers that these are charging indiscriminately. For the free listing of electric vehicles, there are corresponding policies to benefit the people. Not only are there no charges for listing, electric vehicle insurance and anti-theft systems are also voluntary purchases.

Beware of routines on electric bikes, don't be fooled

Questions about electric vehicle insurance

In fact, electric bicycle insurance is mainly divided into theft insurance and personal accident insurance, which are mainly for theft of electric vehicles and compensation for electric vehicle accidents. These two types of insurance are not compulsory purchases.

Therefore, when consumers buy electric bicycles or license plates, they must pay attention to the issue of insurance and voluntarily purchase insurance types according to their actual conditions.

Installation problems of intelligent anti-theft system

Some cities will install anti-theft systems for electric bicycles free of charge for residents in some jurisdictions, and some cities will charge fees or install them by means of charging according to actual conditions.

The electric bicycle anti-theft system is very necessary for consumers. It can be located in real time through the mobile phone APP, monitor the vehicle's whereabouts at any time, and monitor the vehicle's running trajectory at any time, and can be retrieved in time if it is accidentally lost.

Therefore, everyone must remember that there is no need to pay for the license. For those who meet the requirements, the public security traffic management department will register on the spot and issue driving licenses and number plates for free.