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Electric bicycles are going to be registered, and this information should be known!

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On September 24, the first electric bicycle number plate in Xi'an was issued. Electric bike number plates are all 7 digits. The official electric bike number plate has a blue background and the font and frame are white; the transition plate has a yellow background and the font and frame are black. The operating license plate has an orange background and white fonts and wireframes.

What if I have n’t applied for a license plate yet?

Shaanxi Province registration start date: September 24. Excessive electric bicycles that do not meet the new national standard must apply for an official or transitional electric bicycle number plate before December 31, 2019, and will not be processed afterwards. From June 30, 2022, electric bicycles using transitional plates will not be allowed to travel on the road.

Electric bicycle listing is divided into the following situations

Official electric bicycle number plates issued in compliance with the new national standard: New national standard electric bicycles refer to electric bicycles with a maximum design speed of no more than 25㎞ / h, a vehicle mass of less than or equal to 55㎏, and the ability to pedal.

New national standard for electric vehicles

Transitional license plates issued for super-standard electric bicycles that do not meet the new national standard: refer to electric bicycles that do not meet the new standards, have no pedaling function, or exceed one of the maximum bicycle speed requirements such as the maximum design speed and vehicle quality.

Excessive electric bicycles that do not meet the new national standard and have not been licensed before April 15, 2019 should be registered for transitional license plates and issued transitional electric bicycle license plates before December 31, 2019. Over-standard electric bicycles purchased between April 15 and September 24, 2019 can be implemented with reference to the transition vehicle policy. Super standard electric bicycles purchased after September 24, 2019 will not be listed. From January 1, 2020, registration of electric bikes that have not been certified by the CCC and do not meet the requirements of the new standards is strictly prohibited. The purchased standard electric bicycle should be registered and listed within 15 working days after the purchase.

Electric bicycles are going to be registered, and this information should be known!

Electric bicycle listing application process

1. Online booking process

2. Offline process

What information is required to register?

To apply for an official license plate for an electric bicycle, you need to bring a vehicle certificate, a car purchase invoice or certificate, a personal ID card, and submit the vehicle for inspection on the spot;

To handle the transitional number plate for electric bicycles, you need to bring a car purchase invoice or certificate, invoice, personal identification card, and submit the vehicle for inspection on site.

What should I do if I lost the electric bicycle "certificate of conformity" or invoice?

If the electric bicycle purchase invoice is lost, you can check the "Electric Bicycle Commitment Letter" when pre-entering the information online.

Where can I find the electric bicycle code and motor code?

On the rear and rear wheels of an electric vehicle, we can see the electric vehicle brand and a string of English numbers. This is the motor code of the electric vehicle.

Electric bicycles are going to be registered, and this information should be known!

How to choose the license plate number?

The number plate of electric bicycle is based on the business processing time, and the system automatically generates numbers in sequence. That is to say, instead of manually determining the number, it is automatically generated in sequence. Don't trust the illegal intermediaries and merchants to buy and sell plates, and be deceived!

Where do I register my e-bike?

In order to make it easier for the majority of electric bicycle owners to handle the listing of electric bicycles, in addition to the local vehicle management offices that can handle the registration and listing business, Shaanxi Traffic Police authorized nearly 300 mobile business halls throughout the province to provide registration and listing services. Car owners can choose the nearest outlets for registration and listing during the online booking process.


Based on the Shaanxi Provincial Price Bureau and Shaanxi Provincial Department of Finance's "Response on the Approval of the Standard for the Cost of Non-Motorized Vehicle Licenses" (Shaanxi Xinghan [2006] No. 96), the cost of registration and listing is set: the number plate is 5 yuan / face The card is 1 yuan / card.


1. Do I need a driver's license to ride an electric bike?

Electric bicycles are non-motorized and do not require a driver's license. However, to drive an electric motorcycle, you must hold a driver's license for the corresponding quasi-driving model.

2. Can an electric two-wheeled motorcycle be hung with an electric bicycle number plate or an electric bicycle transition number plate?

No! They should go to the public security vehicle management department for motor vehicle registration according to regulations, obtain a motorcycle license plate, and drive on the road with the corresponding quasi-driving model.