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UK electric scooter sales increase, but regulations lag behind

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Although electric scooters are currently not legally on the road in the UK, their sales in 2019 have increased by 50%.

The Colchester-based company also said that the volume of consultations has increased by 70% compared to 2018, while Halfords (a British car equipment retailer) said that in the 14 weeks before January 3, electric bikes and Car sales rose 96% year-on-year, as consumers were eager to try new power tools.

Sweden-based Voi is one of the giants in the shared scooter space, and its CEO and founder Fredrik Hjelm called on Britain not to delay legislation. The Times reported last week that ministers are expected to hold consultations on electric scooter specifications this month.

UK electric scooter sales increase, but regulations lag behind

"We welcome the British government's commitment to innovative mobility, and we will fully participate in the forthcoming negotiations. However, people are already buying and using electric scooters regardless of changes in the law. The government urgently needs to introduce a regulatory mechanism because if Without standards, companies have no norms. "

A Bird spokesman said: "Electric scooters are helping to reduce car congestion and air pollution in cities around the world. In central London, the average speed of cars is now over 6 mph, and the city ’s air The quality is getting worse, and the government is about to conduct legislative consultations on the specification of electric scooters, which is very good.

UK electric scooter sales increase, but regulations lag behind

There are some issues regarding the safety of electric scooters. In July last year, a YouTuber and TV host in the United Kingdom died in an electric scooter and van. In addition, a study released by the University of California, San Francisco in January showed that the number of scooter-related injuries and hospitalizations in the United States increased by 222% between 2014 and 2018. 5% of them wore helmets during the accident.

When Britain tries to solve the scooter problem, it is expected to allow electric cars to drive on roads and bike lanes. There are still questions about the way riders need to wear helmets to operate the vehicle to ensure their personal safety while driving.

A spokesman for the ministry said: "Safety is at the core of our road laws and people using electric scooters need to be aware that it is currently illegal to ride on roads and sidewalks. The government is considering using electric scooters and electric skateboards as Part of a monthly regulatory review. "

For Hellum, the safe way to get people to use electric scooters is to successfully oversee the service by local authorities. He added: "This encourages safe and responsible use. It is time for legislators to take action and begin to control a new mode of transport that has grown faster than the authorities' ability to restrict it."