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New national standard electric bicycles are listed in batches, and travel efficiency and safety will be greatly improved

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In the past six months after the implementation of the "Technical Specifications for Electric Bicycle Safety", the New International Electric Automated Vehicles have been listed in batches in our city. On the 23rd, the Wuhan Municipal Market Supervision Bureau further interpreted the new national standard for electric automatic vehicles. The new national standard electric bicycles have reliable safety performance, which not only guarantees travel efficiency, but also protects consumers' lives and property.

Prior to the new national standard, the standard for electric bicycles in China was 1999 General Technical Conditions for Electric Bicycles. Due to the lagging and poor mandatory standards, many electric bicycles have become larger, heavier, and faster in speed over the years.

New national standard electric bicycles are listed in batches, and travel efficiency and safety will be greatly improved

These "exceeded-standard vehicles" have poor safety performance and a large hidden danger of traffic safety. According to statistics, from 2013 to 2017, there were a total of 56,200 road traffic accidents involving electric bicycles in the country, most of which were caused by "exceeded standards." In addition, due to the poor fire and flame retardancy of some electric bicycles, fire accidents have increased year by year, resulting in major casualties and property damage.

For this reason, on May 15, 2018, the new national standard GB17761-2018 "Safety Technical Specifications for Electric Bicycles" for electric vehicles was officially released and implemented on April 15, 2019.

In response to the main safety indicators of the new national standard electric bicycle, the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau explained that the most important thing for the new international vehicle is that the maximum speed of the electric bicycle must not exceed 25 km / h, and anti-tampering (anti-modification) requirements are proposed . "E-bikes are non-motorized vehicles. They are mainly driven on non-motorized lanes. The speed of electric bicycles is controlled within a reasonable range, which not only meets the basic travel needs of consumers, but also avoids the risk of traffic accidents caused by excessive speed."

New national standard electric bicycles are listed in batches, and travel efficiency and safety will be greatly improved

Secondly, the new national standard vehicles have added safety features such as fire resistance, flame retardancy, and charger protection. In the past, the body materials of most electric bicycle products basically did not meet fire and flame retardant requirements. Once an electrical fault such as a short circuit occurs, an open flame will occur within 30 seconds, and the combustible materials of the entire vehicle will catch fire. The flame temperature can rise within 3 minutes after the fire. To 1200 degrees Celsius, and quickly ignite surrounding flammable objects. "The new national standard puts forward requirements on the fire and flame retardant performance of electric bicycles, which can greatly reduce the hidden dangers of fire accidents."

The new national standard car adheres to the non-motorized nature of electric bicycles, and all technical content is mandatory, and supervision is more vigorous. He said that with the large number of new national standard electric bicycles on the market, it is foreseeable that consumers' travel efficiency and protection of life and property safety will be greatly improved.