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Four-wheeled scooters-scooters designed for the elderly

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A four-wheel electric scooter trial was held in Fukuoka, Japan. Japanese media said that this electric scooter may become the latest mode of transportation.

According to Japan's "Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting" report, in front of Hakata Station in Fukuoka, there are many electric scooters for test riders. This vehicle is simple to operate and can reach a top speed of 20 km / h.

Four-wheeled scooters-scooters designed for the elderly

The experience rides on a scooter, and the wind blows through the cheeks, soaring comfortably. Although only experienced a short distance, people have felt its convenience. An experiencer said, "Scooters are very convenient and can reach their destinations in a short time. If they can be used in urban areas during work, it must be interesting."

The Fukuoka Test Ride is the first appearance of this four-wheel scooter. According to the staff, "four wheels are more stable than two-wheel scooters." Compared with two-wheel scooters, four-wheel speed is slower and more suitable for the elderly.

The electric scooter sharing service company planning the trial ride said that it will further increase its visibility while ensuring the safety and comfort of the scooter.