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Everve Motors to launch new electric scooters at Auto Expo 2020

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Everve Motors will launch its first electric scooter at the Auto Expo 2020. The Pune-based electric startup claims that its upcoming scooter will be the best quality electric scooter sold in India. The company has not yet specified whether the premium aspect is in the form of excellent building quality and high-spec components, or a large number of features. Ever will have to come up with something special to support its claim, as electric scooters such as the Ather450X, Bajaj Chetak and TVSi Qube have set quite high standards.

Everve Motors to launch new electric scooters at Auto Expo 2020

Currently, Everve says its sports moto scooter will get features such as navigation, vehicle location and aerial updates. It claims that the upcoming scooters will have one of the most powerful electric motors used in electric scooters. The scooter will have a top speed of 110 kilometers, which will make it more expensive than other high-end electric scooters currently on sale. In the end, the company said that the scooter's lithium-ion battery will be able to be fully charged through a household 5A socket in 5 hours. You can view all electric scooters and motorcycles sold in India.

The company is expected to show a prototype of a scooter at the Auto Expo 2020, and a production version may be available in the last quarter of 2020.

Everve Motors to launch new electric scooters at Auto Expo 2020

In terms of performance, electric scooters are expected to excel, as the company expects scooters to reach a top speed of 110 mph. The electric scooter will be equipped with a rechargeable battery and it will take up to 5 hours to be fully charged. Connectivity has become one of the benchmarks for excellence in the field of electric vehicles today. This electric scooter scores high in the field because it comes with a dedicated mobile app that provides information about features such as range, location, maps, battery status, mode information, error codes, OTA and enhancements.

The 5 amp home charging point meets the charging requirements, ensuring that it is a low maintenance electric vehicle. The appearance of the Everve electric scooter is impressive, but striking, the lighting is similar to a horn. The look of this electric scooter is beautiful, with the round headlights just below the lighting.

Everve Motors to launch new electric scooters at Auto Expo 2020

From the comfort point of view, it can be said that the riding position looks extremely comfortable, and there is enough space on both sides for feet. The battery is likely to find its place under the seat. It makes it an ideal place for charging.

Electric scooters will draw power from a rechargeable lithium-ion battery device. Since it is an all-electric vehicle, there are no environmental issues. Everve Motors recommends an excellent service network for customer support. As the car has not been ARAI certified, detailed information on its mileage cannot be provided. There are reports that the car needs to be registered with the RTO.

Electric vehicles will be the future of the Indian automotive industry. In addition to reducing dependence on petroleum products, these products have proven to be a scarce resource, and these vehicles are also environmentally friendly to the core. It is expected that as more and more of these electric vehicles are on the road, the overall air quality will become higher and higher. Auto Expo 2020 can prove to be a watershed moment in Indian automotive history.