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Unlock Xiaomi HIMO C16 Electric Bike

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As early as a few years ago, Xiaomi began to lay out the electric vehicle market. The lightweight and stylish electric vehicle design has brought us different visual senses. Recently, his family has newly launched a nostalgic model, which is a new national standard What is the experience of using the new products below?

Unpacking the product:

The entire packaging volume is a quarter larger than the packaging of a 50-inch LCD TV. The packaging size is 1540mm * 370mm * 860mm, and there are only three white braids on the outside for reinforcement (it has been cut off during inspection). Bracket reinforcement design.

Unlock Xiaomi HIMO C16 Electric Bike

Product installation:

The car needs simple installation before use. First, install the left and right riding pedals, then install the Y handlebar upright, then find the place where the rear pedals are placed behind the frame, and install it as required. The installation is complete.

Unlock Xiaomi HIMO C16 Electric Bike

Product appearance and details:

The car is equipped with a 48V lithium battery charger manufactured by Sichuan Chuanqi Electromechanical Co., Ltd., the model is CPU-4812L, the rated input power is 120W, and it has a formal packaging design and instructions.

The car's exterior design is mainly retro, with a brown imitation bamboo basket in the front, which is relatively sturdy and wide, and can easily accommodate the placement of backpack products. Shopping out can also provide more convenient conditions for storage.

The frame adopts a convenient beamless design and a front pedal design, allowing the car to have both the characteristics of a scooter and a bicycle, which can be switched freely when riding or electric. However, the width of the pedal is relatively small, and the placement of the feet does not have the comfort of a large pedal, and the plastic used in the pedal feels a bit thin and rigid, and I am worried that it will not last for long.

As a BMX, the overall body is relatively low, and it is easy to splash water during riding on rainy days. Therefore, the front and rear wheels are designed with extended metal fenders.

Unlock Xiaomi HIMO C16 Electric Bike

As a new national standard product, the rear wheel of the car uses a relatively outdated 250W brushless motor as the brake component. The motor code is printed on the casing, and the overall horsepower is small. The advantage is that it saves power. The theoretical maximum speed will not exceed 25Km / h, and speed over 15Km / h will automatically send out an overspeed alarm, let alone slow, it is indeed a bit noisy.

Product actual test:

After trying to push and pull the car body forward and backward, it was found that there is no obvious resistance and abnormal noise on the rear wheels, and the force of the push and pull is basically the same. Therefore, it is determined that the motor of the car is a brushless and toothless motor. In the assisted riding mode, it is found that the car will start the assist power only when the speed reaches 8.5Km / h, and at least at this speed, the pedal must be pressed for five turns to be activated. It feels like a bad design.

Next is the most controversial endurance test. Before the test, let's take a look at the manufacturer's description of this product's endurance test. The manufacturer's test conditions are 75Kg for the national standard, and 15Km / h in 25 degrees windless weather. Endurance test. This car's endurance mileage test can reach 55Km.

to sum up:

Advantages: The car's exterior design is retro and stylish, and it has a clean and neat inner routing design and an oversized basket design. It is light in weight, easy to ride by humans, and can easily ride without electricity. Wide and comfortable riding experience. The headlights are brighter and have a longer range. With the wide taillight design, the safety of the car at night is enhanced.

Unlock Xiaomi HIMO C16 Electric Bike

Disadvantages: The starting power of the 250W motor is very small, and the tail lights do not support the self-braking function of the brakes, especially the overspeed alarm sound under the national standard cannot be turned off. A beep every two seconds is really annoying, and the overall shock absorption effect of the vehicle body is slightly Hard, the power display is not accurate, and the overall load is also slightly smaller. It also brings some inconvenience to the line. In addition, the product has no cruise function. In the assisted riding mode, the speed must also reach 8.5Km / h. The foot can be fully activated by pressing five pedals. Although the anti-theft design of the pool is user-friendly, it is actually the lowest-level anti-theft method. The vehicle does not have GPS tracking and vibration alarm functions of the generals. For some security-conscious communities, , The battery can not be brought to the floor to charge, it is directly to provide a convenient opportunity for theft.