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Under the policy winter, how does the two-wheel trip represent “Hello electric bicycles” solve the dilemma?

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Recently, Haro Travel organized the “Hello Global · Smart Travel to make cities' lives less carbon and efficient” in Shanghai. As the first brand day event held by Haro Travel, Haro Travel invited the Dutch Bicycle Embassy and Holland Travel Representatives from industry companies and Alibaba and others jointly initiated low-carbon travel.

As the representative of the rapid rise of two-wheeled bicycles in China, the move by Haro Travel to hold a low-carbon travel forum jointly with the Netherlands is regarded by the industry as a signal for Haro's "layout overseas."

As we all know, as the country with the largest number of bicycles per capita in the world, the Netherlands is indeed an "excellent candidate" for sharing bicycles. According to relevant sources, Haro has already made further contact with the Dutch side, and it is very likely that it will cooperate with Dutch scenic spots to promote shared bicycles in the future. And this time through the connection with participating Dutch bicycle manufacturing companies and industry consulting companies, will also benefit Haro and the Netherlands in a series of subsequent cooperation.

It can be seen that since the US $ 400 million strategic investment led by Ant Financial Services in July this year, it has been said that Haro has been traveling quite frequently. Not only has it actively deployed overseas markets, it has also launched electric car rental in major cities in China Selling services to meet the fiercely competitive domestic market.

Under the policy winter, how does the two-wheel trip represent

In addition to shared bicycles, shared electric vehicles are the focus of recent developments in Hello.

Last Friday, Harbin Travel launched the "Electric Vehicle Rental and Sales Integrated Service" in Nanjing and announced the official opening of a new retail model in the field of electric vehicles. This also means that Harbin electric vehicles are no longer subject to the "designated return point". Nanjing users can choose to rent a package for 59 yuan for 7 days or 218 yuan for one month. After the lease is successful, they can During the rental period, the vehicle is fully kept, and unlocking and locking are completed by scanning the code on the mobile phone. The scope of use is no longer restricted, and the use scene is no longer restricted.

In fact, Nanjing is not the first stop of the Harbin electric vehicle rental and sales model. As early as May this year, the Harbin electric vehicle rental and sales platform took the lead in Dongying, Shandong. As of now, the Harbin electric vehicle rental and sales business has already Promoted in more than 20 cities across the country including Henan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Yunnan and Hubei.

However, although the leasing and selling of electric vehicles has resolved the pain points of the “difficult to get cars back” industry, it should be pointed out that, under the dual “siege” of unfriendly policy environment and vehicle quality issues, the Harbin electric vehicles ’ This action is still interpreted by the outside world as "a move of the trapped beast".

Under the policy winter, how does the two-wheel trip represent

Illegal launch in many places, Harbin electric vehicles "entering the city" trapped

Unlike the boom in shared bicycles, shared electric vehicles have been “moving forward with loads” since their introduction. Whether at the national level or local governments, their attitude towards shared electric vehicles is one-sided "not support".

Earlier, the "Guiding Opinions on Encouraging and Regulating the Development of Internet Rental Bicycles" jointly issued by the 10 departments including the Ministry of Transport clearly stated that "the development of Internet rental electric bicycles is not encouraged", and local governments have repeatedly stated that they do not encourage the development of shared electric bicycles. bicycle. Therefore, at the policy port, Harbin electric vehicles face huge resistance.

However, under such a policy background, Harbin electric vehicles are still "putting their hands on the wind" and repeatedly testing the "bottom line" of government authorities in various places.

On May 20th, the Liaoyang City Development Internet Leasing Bicycle Work Leading Group Office issued a written notice to the operators of Harbin's shared motorcycles, requesting Harlot to take back the Harlot electric vehicles that were put on the ground.

In early June, because of ignoring the "investment ban", the Harbin electric vehicle was launched on a large scale in Jiading, Shanghai, and was interviewed by the local government. The Jiading Transportation Commission requested Harbin to immediately stop illegally placing shared electric vehicles in the local area and immediately recover the illegally placed vehicles. At the same time, it is also stated that if there is any subsequent illegal delivery behavior, the competent department will deduct the corresponding score of Harbin at the end of the year when assessing the bicycle sharing company, and will deduct additional points on the basis of regular points. According to the new assessment measures for Internet travel platforms to be announced by the Shanghai Communications Commission and the Shanghai Public Security Bureau and the Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau, "Enterprises that fail the second consecutive assessment will be removed from the Shanghai market."

On June 10th, Harbin launched the electric bike sharing system in Zengcheng, Guangzhou without being reported by the relevant authorities. The local government interviewed the local government. The local government also held a special conference on bike sharing to rectify the chaos in the streets ".

Relevant industry sources revealed that the current motorcycle business of Harbin has been deployed in more than 100 cities in China, and the number of electric vehicles invested is about 600,000. However, when entering these cities, Harbin has basically adopted the strategy of "cutting first and then playing". Such behaviors that are contrary to the government's will are likely to damage the long-term relationship between the enterprise and the government.

Under the policy winter, how does the two-wheel trip represent

Quality problems and hidden safety hazards have become the “heavy disaster area” for Harbin electric vehicle complaints

It should be pointed out that the main reason why the state and local governments "stopped" the sharing of electric vehicles is that there are a lot of hidden dangers in electric bicycles, including that electric vehicles do not meet national technical standards, riders have not received safety training and are not fixed. Rechargeable batteries are likely to cause fires, cause pollution to the ecological environment, and there are hidden dangers in vehicle modification.

At present, there are not a few accidents in China due to the quality of electric vehicles. Traffic accidents caused by aging or defective design of some electric vehicles caused problems such as steering and brakes, and fires caused by lithium battery fires are often reported. .

For example, a user of a Harbin electric vehicle has complained that on April 10, 2019, when the user traveled on a Harbin motorcycle and stopped after stopping, the car suddenly rushed forward without turning the handlebar. As a result, the user may be injured. When the user responded to the customer service, the customer service did not give any solution on the grounds that the user did not call the police and did not go to the large hospital.

In addition, accidents of spontaneous combustion of Hello electric vehicles also occur. According to relevant reports, there have been many accidents involving the combustion of Harbin electric vehicles in Hefei and other places. Fortunately, these accidents occurred in open spaces and were quickly detected and extinguished by the fire department. The consequences will be unimaginable in corridors or residential homes.

It is reported that in the early stage of the development of Harbin electric vehicles, a large number of electric vehicles with design defects were invested, and relevant sources revealed that "the number of electric vehicles may have accounted for 50% of Harbin's existing electric vehicles." Aiming at these defective electric vehicles, the follow-up operation and maintenance work of Haro Travel will definitely increase the burden on enterprises. In addition, user complaints caused by design flaws will also become a long-term "headache" problem for Hello.