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Popular science: legal knowledge on the use of electric scooters

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Colorful electric scooters can be seen everywhere on today's streets. These scooters are shared services launched by industrial design companies and have recently become popular mobility tools for young people. Electric scooters are really convenient. After coming out of the subway, use your mobile phone to swipe a nearby scooter and put it there when you reach your destination. Although it may seem convenient, how much do you know about using legal knowledge about shared scooters? Today I will share with you.

Before sharing the relevant laws of electric scooters, let me popularize the legal nature of electric scooters. According to the Korean Road Traffic Act, electric scooters are "vehicles." Those with a power below 0.59KW are classified as motorized bicycles; those with a power above 0.59KW are classified as two-wheeled vehicles. This also means that electric scooters are also managed by the Road Traffic Law, and the nature of driving electric scooters is the same concept as driving vehicles. Therefore, the laws on vehicles will also occur on electric scooters.

Popular science: legal knowledge on the use of electric scooters

1. Related regulations on unlicensed driving

According to the "Road Traffic Law", driving a motorized bicycle without a motorized bicycle license is punishable by a fine of less than 300,000 won or detention. As I said just now, even if the electric scooter with a power of less than 0.59KW is a motorized bicycle, it is definitely a crime to use it without such a driving license. A while ago, a person was punished for driving without a license because he played an electric scooter with a power of 0.25KW on the road in front of his neighborhood. Remember, driving without a license is a crime, and keeping a criminal record is not good for foreigners.

2. Penalties related to drunk driving

Electric scooters are legally required vehicles, and of course they cannot be drunk. The penalties for drunk driving have been increased in South Korean law, and if they are caught, they will face severe penalties. The punishment standard is the same as that of car drunk driving. The punishment is mainly based on the alcohol content in the blood: 0.030% to 0.080% will be punished by a term of not more than one year or a fine of less than 5 million won; Or a fine of 5-10 million won; more than 0.200% will be punished by 2 to 5 years of imprisonment or a fine of 10-20 million won.

Popular science: legal knowledge on the use of electric scooters

3. Penalties related to escape

Since electric scooters are vehicles required by law, they can only be used on roads. However, due to the characteristics of electric scooters, many people like to shuttle on the sidewalk. Although the police will not be boring to catch electric scooters on the sidewalk, if they accidentally hit people, they must fulfill their obligations to rescue and compensate. Even if you gently touch a descendant, don't just leave the scene just saying "I'm sorry". If people who know the law encounter this situation, they will definitely call the police to escape. The money that needs to be compensated at that time is enough to make the perpetrators doubt life.

Although electric scooters are cheap to buy and easy to use, don't forget that they are legal vehicles. If you want to play an electric scooter, go to the car management office to apply for a driver's license, and never touch the electric scooter after drinking. When driving on the sidewalk, you must always cheer up and predict the movement of pedestrians in advance to avoid touching accidents. If you accidentally come across it, you have to deal with it on the spot. Never leave the scene without permission.