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The first batch of official electric bicycles put into use will solve the pain points of short-distance official travel

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Near the West Gate of the People's Daily, the first batch of electric bicycles dedicated to business travel was officially put into use. It is only for the official travel crowd of government agencies and institutions, and solves travel problems within 10 kilometers. At present, it has signed contracts with nearly 20 group units.

Especially after the cancellation of buses, short-distance business trips have always troubled the staff of government agencies and institutions. Take a bus to go to work, waiting for a car or transfer will waste a lot of time; go to go to work, the cost of that trip is too high, and it is not cost-effective for yourself. So short-distance business trips became a pain point for them.

The first batch of official electric bicycles on the market in Beijing will undoubtedly break the pain point of short-distance official travel. And in view of its convenience, cheapness and non-polluting nature, it can not only ensure the efficiency of official travel, reduce administrative costs, but also give the concept of green travel.

The first batch of official electric bicycles put into use will solve the pain points of short-distance official travel

It should also be pointed out that these official electric bicycles are relatively tall and high. Not only are they all in compliance with the new national standard, unified listing and insurance purchase, but they also use Beidou navigation system and GPS navigation system, combined with electronic fence technology, to achieve pile-free fixed-point parking. In this way, not only can it ensure travel safety to the greatest extent, and guide users to regulate parking through the system, but also solve the problem of chaotic parking order in cities.

However, it must be said that although the public service electric bicycles are very eye-catching and indeed have promotional value, but in terms of imitating and copying, don't take the old road of sharing bicycles, but aim at the number and distribution of local institutions and institutions. Do a good job of research and analysis on the status of short-term business travel, and then scientifically tailor it. This will not only avoid the waste of resources caused by blindly launching, but also the difficulties caused by the disproportionate investment and income. Therefore, let the usage rate determine the amount of delivery, is the principle that businesses must adhere to. Of course, it is also very important that the competent authority must also exercise control during the approval process, and must not give all relevant businesses a green light on the grounds of letting go of competition. That is bound to make official electric bicycles repeat the mistakes of shared bicycles, and become a temporary boom and a boom. Therefore, the key point of liberalizing competition is not to give opportunities to "everyone has a share", but to give competitive ones a chance on "limited places". Only in this way will it not be possible to arbitrarily increase the market share of the official electric bicycle market and make it stable and far-reaching in the balance of supply and demand.

The first batch of official electric bicycles put into use will solve the pain points of short-distance official travel

In short, the emergence of official electric bicycles is bound to break the pain point of short-distance official travel. However, if the approval department and the winning bidder do not investigate how big the market is and how much official electric bicycles are needed, it will not take long for the pain point of flooding to be approved and launched. This reminds the approving department and the winning bidders to cooperate with the two articles of approval and investment in response to the supply and demand of the local official electric bicycle market. Only when both sides do it in their hearts and provide scientific "macro control" and "micro control" in time as supply and demand change can they avoid the crisis of survival and development of official electric bicycles.