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“Cheetah” running in the drifting fish S6-let dreams at your fingertips

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Running requires style. The design of the S6 electric moped comes from the running cheetah. It is robust and brave, with a domineering appearance and outstanding line beauty. This matches the passion and sports elements that young people love, which is very trendy.

The body adopts an integrated die-casting molding process, made of aviation magnesium alloy material, and lightweight integrated molding, which makes him more than one side: light weight, pressure resistance, friction resistance, and beautiful shape. Slightly improved, durability improved, waterproof and rust-proof. Make riding easy a habit and fun.

More than face value, performance is more powerful. Brushless toothed motor Pemba, beast-like power output, fast speed of hundreds of miles, do not hesitate! High power, high torque, greatly enhanced climbing and load capacity.

Not afraid of bumps, strong shock absorption at the rear, steady. Sensitive response, smooth operation, and light and sturdy frame, even when the road is bumpy, you can drive comfortably and smoothly.

"Cheetah" running in the drifting fish S6-let dreams at your fingertips

No matter how brave, you also need a sense of security. The dual disc brake system makes your sense of safety up, the dual disc brakes are highly efficient braking, the braking force conversion rate is higher, more sensitive, comprehensively improve braking performance, shorten braking distance, and make driving safer.

There is always a light to illuminate the road when you come. The S6's bright LED front lights have high light efficiency, low power consumption, long range and safer driving at night. At the same time of low energy consumption, the brightness will not change, and we will accompany you along the way.

"Cheetah" running in the drifting fish S6-let dreams at your fingertips

The new idea of freedom, riding more than one posture, more colors, more choices, S6 is a different firework. The two modes switch to travel, just turn the handle to automatically enter the electric mode, upgrade and configure imported SANSUNG batteries, provide a sufficient energy source, and extend battery life. Release the handle to enter the power-assistance mode. Intelligent power-assisting works with pedaling intensity to enjoy every trip.

Quickly fold, Mengmei can easily get it. Let you have more space, light and flexible and not easy to loose. Belt-wheel design, quiet and light without rust.

This electric bicycle has also won the most influential Taiwan golden dot design in the global Chinese market. The golden dot design award invites internationally renowned design masters to serve as judges. After three stages of preliminary review, review and final review, it has been awarded The award is the best affirmation of the judges on PXID innovation and quality.

"Cheetah" running in the drifting fish S6-let dreams at your fingertips

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