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How can the electric vehicle industry win market advantages? Take the initiative?

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From simple luxury models to new national standards and electric motorcycles. The new national standard has caused a qualitative change in the category of electric vehicles. Facing the increasingly brutal market competition, what direction will the electric vehicle industry products develop in 2020?

First, electric motorcycle and electric light motorcycle

The luxury models once occupied most of the country's market with advantages such as fast speed and comfortable driving. However, after being included in the category of portable electric motorcycles and electric motorcycles, the overall development of the product has also shown a different direction. Keywords.

Normalize. After the new national standard was released, electric motorcycles were officially included in the management of motor vehicles, and the 3C, catalog, and offline processes continued to move closer to the formal integration of motorcycle production and sales.

How can the electric vehicle industry win market advantages? Take the initiative?

Speed up. After electric motorcycles are included in the management of motor vehicles, they enjoy the speed advantage of motor vehicles. Mainstream vehicle brands have begun to complain about the high speed of electric motorcycles. Yadi's G6 has a top speed of 80 yards per hour, Tailing's Tigers have a top speed of 60 yards per hour, and the new day's R5 reaches 89 yards. Breaking 50 yards next year has become the norm.

Intelligent. Intelligence is a necessary threshold for the Internet era and one of the main factors that shape market competitiveness. Next year's electric motorcycles will increasingly develop towards an intelligent line.

Second, the new national standard

At present, many cities are only allowed to sell new national standard models, so the competition of new national standard models next year will often determine the advantages and disadvantages of many single-category markets.

normalization. Because the new national standard model is a positioning electric bicycle, which is a non-motor vehicle, only 3C certification is required for product qualification, and some provinces and cities also need local product catalogs. It is important that new national standard models must be produced strictly in accordance with the new national standard specifications set by the state. It is not allowed to adjust parameters and tampering without permission, and no modification is allowed.

How can the electric vehicle industry win market advantages? Take the initiative?

Differentiation. The specifications of the new national standard are unified, and all aspects such as manufacturing parameters must be strictly followed. This has set a big threshold for vehicle manufacturers when developing products. The manifestation of differences in design, performance, and intelligence is the research and development direction of vehicle brands.

The implementation of the new national standard finally landed on the product. A compliant product is the pass for the future market, and how to build the competitiveness of its own brand on top of the compliant product and provide sales is a problem that major industrial design companies should consider.

Whether it is a price war or a difference war, the fierce market competition in 2020 must start with the product and finally the product. Who can win the market advantage in the three categories, who can take the initiative in the 2020 competition.