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Demystified! Details of Harley-Davidson’s upcoming new Harley Electric

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We have been following the upcoming Harley-Davidson Electric Scooter Project since announcing part of the "Harley-Davidson Road" program. Now we will have the most detailed knowledge of the upcoming electric two-wheeler, which is more accessible than Harley's Big Pig.

Although Harley-Davidson's forthcoming electric scooter has been hyped on the Internet, the company hasn't made its coverage easy. For months, the only details and images available on the scooter came from early prototype designs.

Demystified! Details of Harley-Davidson's upcoming new Harley Electric

Unlike some companies yelling at every little nut and nut upgrade on the roof, HD didn't even tell anyone when the design was close to production. Instead, we had to dig at the end of Harley's investor site to discover and become the first image released below, which shows a bright orange electric scooter close to production.

So it's no surprise that the latest details of Harley-Davidson's upcoming electric scooters are not from the HD itself, but from the design document, which has been submitted to the European Intellectual Property Office.

As shown below, the design document shows the latest developments in the HD Electric Scooter project and reveals new insights about the vehicle.

Demystified! Details of Harley-Davidson's upcoming new Harley Electric

The design document showcases many interesting features, including a more rugged upside-down suspension fork, license plate holder, and more details about the motor and battery enclosures that we originally expected.

The motor and battery appear to be custom designs developed in-house by Harley-Davidson, likely due to the company's investment in Silicon Valley's electric vehicle research and development center. The motor seems to share a metal case with the battery, perhaps made of cast aluminum. The top of the battery has a handle that is removable, which is an important feature for urban residents who don't have a garage and need to charge the battery in their apartment.

We will also first learn about the new floor design, which is definitely a step higher than the original semi-serrated skateboard used in the prototype.

Other more detailed features include metal fenders, halo headlights, mini bike seats and belt drive. Whether the belt drive system is a Gates model is unclear, but Harley-Davidson uses Gates' belt drive system on other motorcycles, including LiveWire electric motorcycles, so the Gates carbon fiber drive on high-definition electric scooters The installation does not come as a surprise.

Demystified! Details of Harley-Davidson's upcoming new Harley Electric

The only key components that seem to be missing from the design drawings are the brakes, throttles and rearview mirrors-although we have seen them in the scooter owner image at the top of this article.

Elektrik: I must be glad to see that HD has made good progress in its electric vehicle design. This thing started to look like a serious car. Plastic seems scarce, but Harley-Davidson equips scooters with higher-end components that are more common than scooters. It seems Harley-Davidson is trying to build this thing properly, not cheaply. Great-as long as it doesn't push the price too high to target the market they target: young drivers.

Demystified! Details of Harley-Davidson's upcoming new Harley Electric

I wasn't surprised either, nor did they try to show off every new bell until they were ready. Just like with LiveWire, HD seems to spend time on development to ensure the end result is a quality product. Although there are plenty of keyboard warriors who will try to tell you something else, HD LiveWire is a very good bike.

Therefore, I am glad to see that HD is also being used here. I hope the timeline is not that long, as shown in the latest slide (below) of the H-D investor presentation, but it is important for me to see real progress.

Also, we've put those Harley-Davidson electric bikes on the road, and the company has previously said it will launch this year. Therefore, while waiting for the company's upcoming electric scooter, there are some good high-definition electronic goods that can make us long missed.

How do you see the development of Harley electric vehicles? Let us know in the comments below!