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Product Encyclopedia | How safe is a scooter? Comprehensive understanding of the safety of scooters!

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When scooters first became popular, people wondered if they were safe? What about scooters as a new type of transportation?

Scooters have gained some popularity in cities, but as an emerging means of transportation, policies and regulations in various places have not yet classified them. Whether to use bicycle lanes or motor vehicle lanes, whether they need to be licensed, or not Should speed limit? When human beings face a brand-new technology product, they will inevitably have a lot of anxieties and anxieties, and they are skeptical about the safety of the scooter.

Product Encyclopedia | How safe is a scooter? Comprehensive understanding of the safety of scooters!

In fact, people often have a fear of things they do n’t understand. This comes from the consciousness of human beings against unfamiliar things, but is the subjective judgment necessarily correct? Scooters are not the first innovative products in history that have been "skeptical" by humans. Ford, the founder of the famous car brand, said: If you ask your customers what they need, they will say they need a faster carriage. Sometimes people don't know what they really need. At this time, creators are needed to make products that better meet the needs of society. Look at today, cars have become an indispensable means of transportation in people's lives, and carriages have disappeared in the city. Today, urban traffic is congested and air pollution is becoming more and more serious. If you ask people "what kind of transportation is needed?" I believe that everyone will answer "more convenient, faster and environmentally friendly cars", but when cars cannot meet market demand At that time, scooters were born.

What exactly is a scooter?

As a short-distance vehicle that has entered the Chinese market in recent years, scooters are familiar and accepted by more and more people. Currently, there are many types of scooters on the market. There are nearly 10,000 searchers for "scooters" in a certain east. Search results show that the price of scooters ranges from a few hundred yuan to tens of thousands of yuan.

Product Encyclopedia | How safe is a scooter? Comprehensive understanding of the safety of scooters!

Is that scooter safe?

The development of scooters in China is very rapid, mainly due to China's huge consumer market. What brand of scooter is good? There have been dozens of large and small scooter brands on the market how to choose high quality and safety. Just like buying a mobile phone, there are many "parameters" to consider when choosing a scooter.
The first is product configuration. As a smart transportation vehicle, the quality of its key components directly affects the product safety and stability of the scooter.

As the power source of the scooter, the battery has an important impact on the overall quality. When choosing an electric scooter product, you ca n’t just use the price to measure and choose. In addition to the battery, there are key components for the quality of the scooter. The intuitive user experience is whether the riding experience is comfortable.

The second is product design: In addition to the unexpected hardware configuration of the scooter, the product design can also have a great impact on safety.

Product software and hardware connection: With the increasing popularity and improvement of intelligence, more and more software and hardware connections make product functions more abundant and more secure.

Product Encyclopedia | How safe is a scooter? Comprehensive understanding of the safety of scooters!

The safety performance of PXID products is guaranteed to industrial design companies, and there are four major safety escorts for you. The product is highly intelligent, and the battery uses a lithium-ion battery, which has strong endurance.

The above angles are the key points that affect the safety of the electric scooter itself, but in the final analysis, it is the individual who drives the scooter. Like driving a car, illegal operations and blind pursuit of speed will cause hidden dangers and violate traffic rules. All kinds of subjective behaviors will also affect the safety of driving.

In today's reality of traffic congestion and increasing travel pressure, scooters have undoubtedly solved the travel troubles of a large number of people in the context of short traffic, and have contributed a lot to urban environmental protection. Whether scooters can truly become a brand new means of transportation accepted by the public in the future also requires the continuous improvement of laws and regulations of the entire society and the update of consumer perceptions.

The emergence of scooters solved the problem of our short-distance travel difficulties, but we must pay attention to safety when driving, in places with many people, we must slow down and do not blindly pursue speed.