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Which one is the “face value” of the electric vehicle industry?

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In this age of looking at everyone, everyone is eager for face value. The same is true when choosing an electric vehicle. No matter how strong the performance is, face value is important, and it is important to be worthy of yourself! Looking at the major brands in the industry, Xiaobian chose a few online products of Yan value, let's take a look at which one will be the "Yan" in the electric vehicle industry in 2020?

Urban2 electric vehicle

Which one is the "face value" of the electric vehicle industry?

This Urban2 electric vehicle designed by PXID is mainly based on geometric elements. The design is simple and colorful, but it is not simple. Everywhere, it shows the technological content and exquisite workmanship. Simple geometric design allows the beauty under your feet to travel freely. The body uses magnesium alloy material. The magnesium alloy material has high strength, good rigidity, excellent toughness, strong shock absorption, and better mechanical properties than general alloy materials. More ideal mileage, charging for 4 hours, running for 35 kilometers. Imported power LG batteries are not only safer and more environmentally friendly, but also more durable. Always maintain ample, stable, and secure supply of capabilities, and take you anywhere in the city to create the last mile of ecological travel.

AD1 electric vehicle

Which one is the "face value" of the electric vehicle industry?

The simple and elegant appearance, the classic and refreshing color matching is very beautiful. Not exaggerated, but with personality, matching the passion and sports elements that young people love, very trendy. At the first sight of TA, it gives a young, clean and fashionable feeling. The AD1 electric vehicle embodies the painstaking efforts of the design team of PXID Industrial Design Company. From the beginning of the design, it pursues the enjoyment of external beauty. The flexible lines, beautiful arcs and curved surfaces on the shape of the car body highlight a beautiful and elegant appearance. The cut surface of the plastic parts of the vehicle is more three-dimensional, giving a free and stylish experience.

S9 electric bike

Which one is the "face value" of the electric vehicle industry?

The body adopts an integrated die-casting molding process, made of aerospace magnesium alloy material, and lightweight and integrated molding, which makes him more than one side: light weight, pressure resistance, friction resistance, and beautiful shape. Slightly improved, durability improved, waterproof and rust-proof. Make riding easy a habit and fun. The PXID product adopts a dynamic design concept to the industrial design company. The magnesium alloy body is integrated and designed, and the shape is more dynamic. "To avoid bloating. Considering the transportation and storage of the car, it has a foldable design, which is simple and easy to complete.

After reading the above products, which one can be the "look and feel" of the electric vehicle industry in 2020? Please leave a message to communicate.