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How to intelligently manage electric bicycles?

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Improve the construction of non-motorized lanes as soon as possible on roads where electric bicycle accidents are high or where demand for electric bicycles is high, create conditions for electric bicycles, meet the needs of motorized vehicles, non-motorized vehicles, and pedestrians on their own roads, and ensure a smooth management policy for electric bicycle registration Implementation.

About 30% of traffic accidents involving electric vehicles

According to the data, through the analysis of road traffic accident data in the past 5 years, the city has handled more than 370,000 road traffic accidents, which caused 2,039 deaths, including 101,263 traffic accidents involving electric bicycles, accounting for 27.14. %, 919 people died in traffic accidents involving electric bicycles, accounting for 45.07%.

How to intelligently manage electric bicycles?

According to the analysis of electric bicycle accidents, electric bicycle accidents in the city, especially fatal accidents, mainly occur on urban trunk roads. At the same time, drivers who drive electric bicycles to red lights, walk in motorized lanes, retrograde, and do not wear helmets, etc. are more prominent. According to the statistics of the traffic police department, among the illegal traffic of electric bicycles in our city in the past five years, the highest proportion of illegal traffic is "driving on the motorway of non-motorized vehicles".

Proposed acceleration of non-motorized lane infrastructure

In order to regulate the traffic of electric bicycles, it is recommended to improve the city's non-motorized lane infrastructure and create a road environment with clear road rights for electric bicycles. "Before determining the implementation plan and plan of the project transformation, the competent department must first determine the detailed standardization plan of the non-motor vehicle transformation of the main road in the city." The traffic is higher than other roads, and "efficiency" and "safety" must be balanced.

How to intelligently manage electric bicycles?

The construction of non-motorized lanes is not a problem that can be handled very well by relying on short and fast projects. In the process of road reconstruction, it is necessary to combine multi-professional integration of traffic, pipelines, landscape, and safety in order to create a humanized and refined bright spot project. In fact, the inadequate safety design of electric bicycles in the road environment, the lack of isolation facilities, and the greening of intersections obstruct the driver's observation line of sight, etc., will affect the safety of the overall road environment of electric bicycles.

Based on the experience of foreign cities, improve non-motorized lanes according to local conditions, set up independent sidewalks and bicycle lanes, and separate motor vehicles from non-motorized vehicles, and separate people from non-motorized vehicles. On secondary roads and below, it is advisable to use traffic lanes to set up zigzag lane markings, reduce turning radius, narrow roads and narrow intersections, and set speed bumps and speed bumps on pedestrian crossings to reduce traffic calming measures. Motor vehicle speed.

How to intelligently manage electric bicycles?

Achieve one person, one vehicle, one license and one certificate binding mechanism

"To improve the current situation of electric bicycle accidents, in addition to accelerating the supply and improvement of infrastructure for non-motorized lanes, intelligent information management of existing electric bicycles should also be carried out." It is recommended to pass the real-name certification to achieve a one-person, one-car, one-brand, one-certificate bundling mechanism. . At the same time, RFID collection equipment is constructed at the intersections with high incidence of electric bicycle accidents and in key communities to collect and identify illegal behaviors of electric bicycle traffic in real time, and link high-definition cameras to capture illegal permits. With the help of a database of one vehicle, one license, and one license, the identity of traffic offenders is identified. , And finally landed off-site law enforcement, thereby realizing the refined and intelligent supervision requirements of our city's electric bicycles.

In the intelligent information management platform, a personal learning and examination module is developed. When a registrant registers and records electric bicycles, he or she must participate in online learning, obtain the registration remark qualification after passing the online exam, and automatically generate a "driver's record certificate."