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Water electric bicycles debut at CES, riding a bike can cross the river

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At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this year, the field of transportation remains a major focus. Following the self-driving cars, flying cars, and balance cars, another company just launched a water electric bicycle.

This water bike is called Hydrofoiler XE-1 and was developed by New Zealand startup Manta5. Since the promotion video of this bike was uploaded online in 2017, it has attracted a lot of attention.

Water electric bicycles debut at CES, riding a bike can cross the river

One of the biggest features of the Hydrofoiler XE-1 is the use of hydrofoil instead of wheels. When the rider accelerates and presses the pedal to power it, the propeller will lift it from the water. The speed on open water can reach 12 miles per hour (about 20 kilometers), which is comparable to traditional sailing.

In addition, its car frame is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, and the bottom wing is made of carbon fiber material, which is lightweight and strong enough.

The bicycle's main wing and aileron can keep the vehicle balanced in the water, and it can stay on the water smoothly even when it is stationary. And all electronic systems of Hydrofoiler XE-1 have IP67 waterproof rating, so you don't need to worry about water entering and causing mechanical failure while swimming on the water.

Manta5 said that the bike is priced at £ 5790 and will not be delivered until June 2020. It will be listed in New Zealand first, and then make further expansion plans based on demand and usage.