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Mavericks focuses on urban travel in the next decade: autonomous driving TQi is only the first step

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From January 7th to 10th, Mavericks made its debut at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and released the world ’s first self-driving three-wheeled electric motorcycle TQi and Mavericks ’first straddle electric motorcycle RQi. Both vehicles support 5G communications. At the same time, Maverick Electric put forward a new thinking on urban travel solutions in the next ten years. By building an "autonomous driving electric motorcycle + IoT + FLEET" model, it laid a good foundation for Maverick Electric's "personal autonomous driving urban travel solution". At the same time, as the beginning of urban travel in the next ten years, the self-driving three-wheel electric motorcycle TQi will be officially launched in the second half of 2020.

Mavericks focuses on urban travel in the next decade: autonomous driving TQi is only the first step

The next ten years: a personal autonomous city travel network will be built

Since its establishment in 2014, Maverick Electric has focused on urban mobility and leads the future of technology. Not only has it created a new category of domestic smart lithium-ion electric vehicles, but it has also developed into a leading global smart city personal travel solution provider. In the next ten years, urban travel will be based on a self-driving personal urban travel network: it is conceivable that users can reserve a self-driving personal travel tool through their mobile phones. From route setting to vehicle driving, no action is required. Get to your destination quickly and efficiently connect your travel needs with your travel tools.

Such a highly imaginative personal city travel network already has an achievable foundation. Maverick Electric CEO Li Yan said, "Obviously it hasn't been achieved today, but Maverick Electric is ready."

TQi autonomous driving: the first step towards future urban mobility

TQi is the first self-driving three-wheeled electric motorcycle of Mavericks. Its shape adopts a penetrating semi-enclosed body and a body-type ceiling design, bringing an upgrade experience of all-weather city travel, and continuing and enriching the NIU design language. TQi uses vehicle distance radar and ADAS to control vehicle braking and steering, ACC adaptive cruise, and is equipped with a pre-collision system and an automatic parking system. Through 360-degree monitoring of cameras, sensors, and radar, it can achieve an L2 level automatic driving experience.

Mavericks focuses on urban travel in the next decade: autonomous driving TQi is only the first step

At the same time, TQi is also equipped with a dual front wheel self-balancing system, using a new balance controller, which senses the inclination of the car body in real time and controls the extension and contraction of the front wheel balance bar. In addition, TQi is also equipped with multi-state driving assistance systems such as SRS airbags, ABS anti-lock braking systems, and TC traction control.

It is understood that the TQi under dual electric drive can reach a maximum speed of 80 km / h and a range of 200 km. It supports smart chargers and smart charging piles. According to Hu Yilin, founder and vice president of R & D of Mavericks Electric, "TQi will be officially listed in the second half of 2020, and the era of autonomous driving for personal travel is imminent."

NIU IoT + NIU FLEET Weaving Travel Network

How to achieve an efficient connection between autonomous driving tools and users? With the help of emerging technologies such as big data and cloud computing, Maverick Electric has built NIU IoT through vehicle intelligence, cloud data integration, and mobile service innovation to better realize people-vehicle interconnection. At present, NIU IoT can use smart sensors to sense vehicle information in real time and aggregate cloud computing analysis to realize people, cars, and cloud connectivity. 150 + TB of user riding data is deeply integrated and analyzed under NIU INSPIRE technology. Only one APP is needed to view and manage the vehicle. For Maverick Electric, it can intelligently predict future travel needs and realize the feedback on product development. Coupled with the arrival of the 5G era, NIU IoT will have more innovation space.

Mavericks focuses on urban travel in the next decade: autonomous driving TQi is only the first step

As a smart city travel solution provider, Mavericks Electric also built a transportation network platform NIU FLEET. NIU FLEET can realize the cross-region management of vehicles and battery clusters, and has the characteristics of customization, refinement and high efficiency. All management can be achieved by only one web page. Data is visible, 7 * 24 hours control, easy to operate, It is easy to expand and has been widely used in the overseas two-wheeled electric vehicle sharing market.

In the future, NIU IoT, NIU FLEET and the self-driving three-wheeled electric motorcycle TQi will become the underlying support for Maverick Electric to implement personal autonomous driving urban travel solutions.

Focus on urban mobility, lead the future of technology

At the conference site, Mavericks Electric also released the first 5G straddle electric motorcycle RQi, which has a track speed of 160km / h and a range of 130km. RQi has a car-grade driver assistance system, ABS anti-lock braking system, CBS brake assistance, and TC traction control. It has once again expanded the user's use scene.

In addition, Mavericks also exhibited the NQiGTs, MQiGT, UQiGT, NIU Aero EB-01 electric bicycles recently released in Milan's EICMA, and the NIU Aero series released in Beijing in April 2018. For more than five years, we have focused on the results of urban travel. In the future, Maverick Electric will undoubtedly continue to expand the travel scene, and continue to cultivate, innovate and break through in the field of personal urban travel, leading the future of technology and changing urban travel.