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Unagi launches a customizable dual-motor electric scooter for $ 990

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Customize your scooter with almost any color or pattern combination you can imagine.

Electric scooter company Unagi shows off powerful new models. The California-based startup has upgraded its flagship motorcycle with dual motors to provide better torque and higher speed without sacrificing portability. And, for the first time, customers can choose to customize their scooters with almost any combination of colors or patterns they can imagine.

Unagi launches a customizable dual-motor electric scooter for $ 990

Unagi's new E500 dual-power scooter has two 250W motors, one in the front and one in the rear, with a total power of 500W. The company's first scooter uses two motors, 250W and 450W, to reach a top speed of 15.5 mph. This new configuration now offers a top speed of 19 mph and 32 Nm of torque, making it easy for riders weighing up to 200 pounds to sail on steep hills.

Despite the addition of another motor, the scooter is still relatively lightweight, weighing only 26 pounds. Unagi CEO David Hyman said in an email: "There are bigger scooters with greater range and torque, but none of them are truly portable." For example, enhanced versions The speed is 46 pounds! !! The reality is that few commuters or urban users cycle more than 5 miles per day. We are dedicated to this market segment and provide them with the best real portable scooters on the planet, because that's what we want. "

Unagi launches a customizable dual-motor electric scooter for $ 990

The scooter has three driving modes: beginner (9-11 mph); advanced (13-15 mph); and professional (15-19 mph). Lithium-ion batteries have a range of up to 15.5 miles. Unagi, like the first model, uses a mixture of aluminum and carbon fiber in the frame.

In addition, Unagi will launch what it describes as the industry's first personalized paint job, enabling customers to design scooters online to fit their personal vision. The original model has only four colors: red, blue, white and black. Customers can now choose from a variety of single-tone or two-tone paint jobs and multiple patterns.

Unagi launches a customizable dual-motor electric scooter for $ 990

Hyman said that Unagi "dips the dye into the carbon fiber frame for high-end custom paint work, rather than using a wrap or paste method." This turned the Unagi scooter into a "lasting personal artwork", he added. Customers will be able to choose custom colors for handlebars, steering tubes and decks. Moreover, limited modes of operation will continue to be provided-from urban camouflage to tartan to Hawaiian themes.

Unagi made a splash at the scene last year with a $ 990 electric scooter. It is based on a Chinese-made SWAN prototype that has never been produced. Hyman took over the rights to the design globally, hired a Chinese engineering team, and provided funding to complete the project.

Unagi launches a customizable dual-motor electric scooter for $ 990

Since then, it has become popular among musicians such as Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, Halsey, Steve Aoki, and teen pop superstar Billie Eilish, which helped Hyman raise $ 3.5 million in venture capital cash. Last month, Hyman helped bail out troubled rival scooter company Unicorn. He said he would provide the Unagi scooter to anyone who ordered but did not receive a unicorn scooter.