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Why is it cheaper to buy an electric car in winter? Here’s your chance

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In winter, the temperature is low, and electric bicycles cannot cover the wind and rain. People who cannot stand the test of rain and cold will not choose to ride electric vehicles and use other means of transportation. Not only did fewer people ride, fewer people wanted to buy electric cars in winter, so the two-wheeled electric car industry fell into the worst period of the year, probably from November to March and April of the following year. Began to slowly recover. So is it really possible to pick up leaks when buying electric cars in this period?

Why is it cheaper to buy an electric car in winter? Here's your chance

The answer I give is definite! In addition to the market off-season reasons, several other factors have also profoundly affected the electric vehicle market and prices.

Winter is the reshuffle period of the electric vehicle market. Big brands have taken the initiative to reduce prices and clean the market. Small brands and weak dealers can't stand this winter. Electric vehicles are an asset-heavy industry. Store rent, inventory, and manpower require a lot of money, and the largest part of this money comes from car sales. Small brands can't stand the only price cuts and fast sales.

Winter is the season for the replacement of electric vehicles. New electric vehicles begin to become the main trolley models. Older electric vehicles naturally have to be sold at discounted prices, so that more people can learn about new products. The electric vehicle industry, like the Honda Civic, has few models that can last for several years.

Why is it cheaper to buy an electric car in winter? Here's your chance

There is also an indicator that electric vehicle manufacturers have rushed sales at the end of the year. In order to ensure the ranking of brand sales, many companies have voluntarily given up their profits and started selling at a loss. In order to be able to quickly repay the money, the accumulation of capital for the next year.

As consumers, buying a new car in winter is really a good choice. And with enough bargaining power, you can run a few more stores, Dobby models and prices, and you will definitely be able to find electric cars with good value, quality, performance, and low prices. Here, I also wish everyone can buy the ideal car!