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Edinburgh Scooter Pilot Program Coming Soon

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The city of Edinburgh is experimenting with a new form of public transport, but it may take some time to get used to it.

According to Edinburgh assistant. City manager Tom Reyna, the company Blue Duck, introduced their scooters to the city and began a six-month pilot program that began this week.

Reyna said the company would charge a fee and send it to the city monthly.

Reyna said: "We will collect data on the use of scooters, how many complaints we receive, how many users we get. We can continue to implement the scooter program throughout the city."

Edinburgh Scooter Pilot Program Coming Soon

The assistant city manager said Blue Duck hired Edinburgh residents to monitor the scooters. He added that there are three shifts a day to ensure that the scooters are charged and that they do not lie on the sidewalk or in someone's yard.

The entire city has 125 scooters in 33 different areas, but there are places where they are restricted, and these scooters are highlighted in the app.

If you do ride a restricted property, the scooter will shut down.

"Because they have a scooter policy, they are not allowed to enter college campuses, so we worked with them and coordinated with them so they are in the surrounding area," Reyna said.

Reyna added that scooters are another attempt, as interest in bike-sharing programs is modest.

"Since our demographics are in low-income areas, we decided to try this scooter program to see if we can make people travel faster, make them safer and more affordable," Reyna said.

Edinburgh Scooter Pilot Program Coming Soon

Some people find it convenient.

"I need to go to McDonald's and then come back so they can come in handy," said Ryan Acosta of Edinburgh.

Others believe that some changes are needed to the scooter plan.

Contreras said: "It says to wear a helmet, but not everyone wears a helmet at home. It should probably come with a helmet, just like the thing that scans it, it also works with scooters."

Reiner said the company had to pay a $ 10 license fee for each scooter. Since this is a pilot program, he added that it is free for the city.

The price for a scooter is $ 1.00 USD and it costs 25 cents per minute.