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Two ways to teach you how to modify electric vehicles?

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Electric vehicles are used as a travel tool for our frequent travels. In order to meet the requirements of friends for the speed of electric vehicles, we have summarized two modification methods for everyone!

The first: a more powerful law reform:

Purchase a matching motor and controller that are commensurate with the original car's rear wheels, adopt separate power supply, and directly replace the front wheel with a motor wheel, which is similar to the dual-core in the computer. Double the torque! The crux of the problem is that the weight of the motor is generally much lighter than that of the engine. The weight of the entire vehicle is limited to another set of batteries. The acceleration effect only needs to be seen by the real people!

Two ways to teach you how to modify electric vehicles?

I have seen the front wheel structure of most electric vehicles. As long as the front plug-in shock-absorbing sometimes the machine-modified motor must also be the flat type, usually some 800W or more motors are too thick and basically cannot fit the front wheel , It is proposed to purchase a motor with disc brakes for dual energy conversion. Speed is indeed important. Insurance must be guaranteed!

The second: general speed-up law:

It only needs to be equipped with a battery of the same specifications as the original battery, connected together in series, supplying 60v voltage to make the motor overclock. It is generally suitable for brushless motors. Brushed motors have large losses and there is no guarantee for motor life. The serial position is not the output end of the original battery box, this will only burn your car lights and stopwatch and the controller will refuse to work! There will be 3 wires on the input end of the controller, 2 positive wires and 1 negative wire. The positive wire will be thin and thick. The thick input line is controlled by the controller power transistor and output directly to the motor. That is the switch line. The input voltage of the switch line of the 48v controller must be higher than the undervoltage shield and lower than the controller shield voltage before starting the controller!

Two ways to teach you how to modify electric vehicles?

Therefore, the position of the series connection can only be after the switch line, so that the input voltage of the switch line maintains the original 48v and the power supply voltage of the power transistor is increased to 60v. This can actually improve the vehicle performance by 25%, including rapid and Speed up! However, the controller must be cooled before changing!