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What are the common problems in the use of electric scooter smart APP? How to solve?

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From the beginning of the scooter to the current electric scooter, the market for scooters is changing rapidly, but the smart scooter controlled by the smart app is loved and chosen by many customers because of its technology. Know how to use, the following PXID editor to explain some of the problems encountered in normal use, and how to solve it.

Many customers will report that the electric scooter has been turned on, and the Bluetooth of the mobile phone is also turned on, but why is it still not connected to the scooter?

What are the common problems in the use of electric scooter smart APP? How to solve?

If you encounter this problem, it may be because your mobile phone Bluetooth has not been paired with the scooter's Bluetooth. You need to open your Bluetooth interface and search for nearby Bluetooth. If you just got our scooter, then the car's initial The name of the Bluetooth is PXID Product Design Co., Ltd., you only need to click to pair. After successful pairing, you can open the APP to search for the Bluetooth of the scooter.

How to make sure that the Bluetooth of your mobile phone has been successfully paired with the Bluetooth of the scooter?

If you ca n’t search after opening the APP after pairing, I do n’t know if it is caused by Bluetooth not being paired successfully. You can verify it by clicking the mobile phone ’s music player software to play music. It is also possible to wait for software). If the music is played through the sound on the electric scooter, then you can be sure that Bluetooth has been paired successfully; if not, then you need to reconfirm whether the operation is different or the accessories are defective.

What are the common problems in the use of electric scooter smart APP? How to solve?

Why does the scooter travel very slowly and how slow is it when I first buy it?

This situation may be that the speed limit is turned on, and it is sufficient to turn it off. After opening the APP to search for Bluetooth, it is generally as shown in the figure below. At this time, you can view the button for limiting speed off in the lower right corner of the screen, and then click to close the speed limit.

The above is a summary of the problems encountered by the daily use of the APP. If there are any other problems, you can give us feedback ~