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How much do you know about the performance of electric scooters?

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Electric scooter is another new product form of skateboarding after traditional skateboarding. Electric scooters are very energy efficient, fast to charge and have a long range. The vehicle is beautiful in appearance, easy to operate and safer to drive. It is definitely a suitable choice for friends who like the convenience of life, and it is a joyful experience in life.

How much do you know about the performance of electric scooters?

Pay attention to these points when riding an electric scooter:

1. The height of the car should be suitable for your height.

2. Choose an electric scooter with better braking performance and be familiar with the braking position.

3. Oil the bearings at regular intervals to reduce sliding resistance.

4. Beginners should glide on a road with a small slope to gradually deepen the difficulty.

5. Don't glide on wet or too bumpy roads.

How much do you know about the performance of electric scooters?

How to look at the performance of electric scooters?

Handrail: It must be a rubber handrail, which not only can absorb shocks, but also can be non-slip, eliminating safety concerns.

Pedal: At present, there are four main types of pedals: plastic, all-iron, half-iron and half-aluminum, all-aluminum, magnesium aluminum alloy. It is recommended that you choose a magnesium-aluminum pedal, because magnesium-aluminum is more pressure-resistant than all-aluminum.

Brake: The brakes are set on the top of the faucet. When buying, you must move it by hand to see if the brakes are flexible.

Damping: When choosing an adult scooter, you must choose a scooter with double shock absorption to reduce vibration during use and improve comfort.

Most of today's electric scooters can be carried like bicycles, and they are more convenient to carry than bicycles. They can be folded, greatly reducing the space. When you go to work on a scooter, it can be folded and placed in the office, which is safe and does not take up a lot of space. You can say goodbye to congestion after work and return home in advance.