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What are the myths about buying an electric scooter?

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More and more young people like to ride electric scooters. After work or meals, they ride electric scooters in the park. Some people choose to use electric scooters as a means of mobility. Electric scooter is a new type of product that inherits the characteristics of traditional skateboards. It has the advantages of energy saving, portability, environmental protection, convenient operation, and fast speed. It solves the problem of people traveling short distances. It is said that due to the lack of understanding of the product itself, and the large variety of electric scooters often make them fall into some misunderstandings of purchase.

Misunderstanding 1: good quality with heavy volume

It is heavy and does not need to represent good quality. The quality depends on the material. The small size and light weight make it convenient for users to use on buses and subways. Some electric scooters have a folding function. First-class window technology electric scooters can be towed after folding. Pay attention to the folding design when buying. Otherwise, the electric scooter bought may become an idle item and become a burden.

What are the myths about buying an electric scooter?

Myth 2: The faster the better

When many friends choose electric scooters, they consider speed as one of the considerations for purchasing. They think that the faster the speed, the better the performance of electric scooters. However, electric scooters, as an electrically driven vehicle, should have a speed of between 18 and 23 km / h, because less than this speed is difficult to play a role in moving, and greater than this speed will cause hidden safety risks.

Misunderstanding 3: The speed is not fast, the brakes do not matter

Electric scooters are not very fast, but they are still electrically powered and belong to motor vehicles. The electronic brake can automatically cut off the power when braking, and the emergency braking can quickly stop the car physically. These small details look inconspicuous and may protect your safety at critical moments. Pay attention to the brakes when purchasing.

What are the myths about buying an electric scooter?

Myth 4: The appearance doesn't matter

The shapes of electric scooters are also different. Although some electric scooters are good-looking in design, they may not be practical in practical functions, not convenient to fold and not suitable for carrying, or the body material and structural design are not reasonable. It is recommended to choose carefully according to personal preference when purchasing.

Misunderstanding 5: The suspension effect doesn't matter

The shock of electric scooters is to make electric scooters have a better riding experience when passing through bumpy roads. Some electric scooters have built-in front and rear suspension systems. The main thing is that the tires of the vehicle are not used for shock absorption. Air tires have better shock absorption effects.

When choosing an electric scooter, friends must comprehensively consider issues such as body material, endurance, motor, portability, and price. Do not just look for appearance and multi-function and get caught in the misunderstanding. I hope everyone can buy the most suitable one for themselves. Electric scooter.