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Solve the difficult problems of electric vehicle controller

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Three important components of an electric bicycle: the battery, the motor, and the controller. If the motor is the "heart" of the electric vehicle, the core component "controller" is the "brain" of the electric vehicle. You may have encountered a situation where the electric car broke down halfway. The battery is obviously charged and the P position has been released. However, the screw is turned to the end, but the electric car does not move at all. At this time, there may be a problem with the "controller". Let me take a look at the "controller" today.

The controller is generally located under the foot pedal or the rear seat cushion. It is a component that controls the speed of the motor and is the core of the electric vehicle power system. Control the start, run, advance and retreat, speed, and stop of electric vehicle motors, with protection functions such as under-voltage, current limit, and brake power failure. After the owner's operation instruction transmits the signal to the controller through the turn bar or switch, the controller performs corresponding operations to complete the owner's needs, such as acceleration, shifting, and instrument display.

Solve the difficult problems of electric vehicle controller

What are the symptoms of the controller?

1. Do you have electricity?

When rotating the handlebar, it is found that the instrument panel data does not go, and the motor does not turn, but the battery is full. Problems with this line with the controller. (For specific reasons, you can go to the after-sales service station to detect and repair).

2. Stop and go?

The battery has power, but the electric vehicle will automatically cut off power during driving. In this case, it is preliminarily determined that the line is poor or the controller is faulty. The specific cause can be checked and repaired at the service station.

Solve the difficult problems of electric vehicle controller

How to protect the controller?

When riding, try to avoid frequent ups and downs of acceleration and deceleration, and frequent bumps and vibrations of the controller on potholes, damage will occur over time, internal components will be damaged, and the signal will be disordered, which will cause some electric bicycle functions to fail. The controller has been adjusted to the optimal state when leaving the factory. If there is an electrical failure or out of control phenomenon while riding, non-professional maintenance personnel can only check the cable connection. If the failure cannot be ruled out, please contact a professional repair shop immediately.