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What are the benefits of children’s scooter? Did you know everything?

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Everyone knows that children's scooters are really a kind of fitness and fun children's fitness toys. As long as the children are over 3 and a half years old, they can try to practice scooters under foot protection and adult supervision. Because from a medical point of view, playing scooters does have some benefits for children.

Conducive to the development of children's vestibular organs. Vestibular organs are receptors for the state of movement and spatial position of the human body. When a child is playing a scooter, due to speed and inertia, the position of the head will be constantly changed, which will cause excitement of the receptors in the vestibular organ. Eventually it will reflexively cause the child to make constant changes in body posture to maintain balance of body and posture. In other words: Children playing scooters are good for exercising their balance and overall coordination. This is also the vast majority of parents who encourage children to play.

What are the benefits of children's scooter? Did you know everything?

Conducive to the development of children's respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Like all aerobics, play scooters. It can exercise children's respiratory muscles and myocardium, enhance respiratory motor function and heart contraction function, improve children's lung capacity and the heart's ability to resist pressure. So as to improve the cardiopulmonary function to a certain extent, and promote the development of the respiratory system and the cardiovascular system.

It is good for lower limb and waist muscle training. When playing a scooter, the hard parts and support parts are mainly concentrated on the child's lower limbs and waist. Therefore, if the scooter is often played, the lower limbs and waist muscles of the child will become thicker because of frequent passive movements, which is conducive to increasing the lower limbs. And waist strength.

Conducive to enhancing children's sense of balance and physical coordination. Riding a scooter can help children enhance their sense of balance and physical coordination in a happy mood. On the move, children get a sense of speed, driving and braking, train their responses to environmental impacts, and have their first experience with the vehicle's full disposal.

What are the benefits of children's scooter? Did you know everything?

Conducive to the development of children's desire for exploration and adventure. The transition from a scooter with a handrail to a scooter without a handrail is a good proof. Scientifically speaking, children's desire for knowledge and exploration is infinite, and their guts are not born by nature. Only through continuous attempts and constant failures, from the initial single action to the later jumping and gliding are slightly more complicated. The movements can greatly satisfy the child ’s desire to explore, and the guts have also been greatly exercised, which is also conducive to improving the child's adventurous spirit. Therefore, this type of child will appear calmer than other children when encountering an emergency.

Always use protective equipment when using a children's scooter to prevent injuries. Try to play scooters in a wide area, where there is little traffic. Be sure to be accompanied by a parent!