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Three great tricks to teach you to extend the life of electric scooter motors!

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The electric motor is an important part of the electric scooter. It converts the electrical energy stored in the battery into mechanical energy, which causes the rear wheels to rotate and drive the vehicle. It is like a human heart. Whether the electric scooter can run depends on the motor. The motor "beats" steadily and powerfully, and the electric scooter runs more powerfully!

If the motor works for a long time or under heavy load, it will generate a lot of heat inside the motor, and the internal temperature will rise sharply, which will have two consequences.

1. Excessive temperature will demagnetize the motor, reduce the efficiency of the motor, reduce the power of the electric scooter, and consume power quickly.

2. The pressure difference generated after the motor is cooled will push external water vapor dust into the motor from various tiny gaps. Over the years, water will accumulate inside the motor, which will also cause the motor to retreat and consume power quickly.

Three great tricks to teach you to extend the life of electric scooter motors!

So how should the motor be protected?

1. Don't overload

Once the electric scooter is overloaded, it may cause the motor and circuit to overload and heat, which will affect the service life and cause serious damage to the motor immediately.

2. Don't wading

In order to prevent the motor from entering the water and causing magnetic retreat, you should avoid wading when driving, and do not allow the water surface to exceed the position of the rear axle.

Three great tricks to teach you to extend the life of electric scooter motors!

3. Regularly go to the service station for maintenance and inspection

You can check the tightening state of the motor and the rear fork. If you find that the screws are loose, please go to the after-sales service station for repair and tightening in time.

As one of the three important components of electric scooters, the motor has always been neglected. As long as the car can run, it will not be checked regularly. Therefore, Xiaobian appeals to all car owners, for your and others' travel safety, please regularly go to the service station to carry out maintenance inspections.