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Just bought a set of batteries, but not as old and durable! what’s the problem?

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Recently, a small partner complained that after replacing a new battery with an electric scooter, it is not as durable as the old battery. As the power source of an electric vehicle, its loss is related to its own quality problems, but it is also related to the motor on the vehicle, Controllers and other accessories are inseparable.

Therefore, do not suspect battery quality problems every time the electric vehicle runs. After confirming that the battery is genuine, you can investigate from the following aspects to find out why the new battery does not work.

First, motor wear

In the daily driving process, few car owners will cherish the car. Basically, no matter what terrain is rushing forward, it is normal for the motor to rust in water. After a long period of use, the magnetic demagnetization of the motor and the wear of the bearings will cause the battery to provide more energy. Even if the battery is replaced, the energy loss will become serious.

Just bought a set of batteries, but not as old and durable! what's the problem?

Controller leakage

If the controller is leaking electricity, the battery must be running out of power, even if it is a new battery, it ca n’t stop running.

Third, the battery quality problem

With the continuous upgrade of technology and raw materials, the decline in battery quality will only exist in small brands and miscellaneous brands, because these brands lack sufficient strength to support product upgrades. For the first-tier big brands, the battery quality is upgraded year by year. If the big brand batteries you buy have quality problems, then you need to verify that you have bought fakes.

Just bought a set of batteries, but not as old and durable! what's the problem?

Fourth, accessories upgrade

Most of the electric scooters used in the past were small motors, 350w, compact body and light weight. However, the current electric scooter motors are all 500w / 800w / 1000w, the body weight is heavy, and various lights and speakers are added to the car. Increasing power consumption, although this is not the main reason, it does have some impact.

So how do you get the best out of your new battery?

In normal times, we should try to avoid overloading. When starting the car, it is best to use foot assistance to reduce frequent braking and try to maintain a uniform speed. Another is to use a big brand charger. Use the battery to avoid excessive deep discharge as much as possible, and charge 30% of the remaining power. It must be fully charged when charging, but also to avoid overcharging and reduce fast charging. The battery cannot be stored for a long time without being charged.

By doing this, our battery can be more durable!