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For short trips, what do you choose to use as a mobility tool?

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There is always such a small group of people around. When someone buys a car or tests their driver's license, they put their car in the garage, and only use it when the whole family or friends go out. Why not drive to work and travel short distances? Is the gas bill too expensive? Is the car bad? Or did the family move to the company? Here are some common reasons.

Reason one: environmental protection!

For those who advocate a low-carbon life, actively adopting transportation methods that reduce carbon dioxide emissions during travel is one reason why they reduce the use of cars. In the case of personal travel without affecting the pace of life, they will consciously choose the mode of transportation for green travel.

As a smart travel equipment, PXID Industrial Design Co., Ltd. has electric scooters, scooters, electric vehicles, motorcycles and other models. There are many options.

For short trips, what do you choose to use as a mobility tool?

Reason two: use your time to work!

Bicycle, as a tool that takes into account the dual attributes of mobility and sport, is naturally a choice. But if you have a long commute, you don't want to sweat and pant to the company. Then there are a variety of riding modes and a variety of different riding intensity electric scooter series, which will bring you the appropriate riding sports and commuting.

Reason three: The blue sky and the breeze cannot be disappointed!

Without the windowpane of the car, the blue sky looks more beautiful, and there is also a gentle wind on the face. This way, using smart travel tools feels that going to work can give a good start to the work of the day, and it can also relieve the fatigue of the work day. .

For short trips, what do you choose to use as a mobility tool?

Reason 4: Travel faster!

There may be traffic jams on the commute, sometimes driving without riding or taking the subway fast! Like the electric scooter of PXID Industrial Design Company, the model is small and the traffic jam will not affect it much. Not only small, but also can be folded and carried on the bus, subway and so on. In short, how quickly you reach your destination! Just how to travel! It's that simple!

For short trips, what do you choose to use as a mobility tool?

Reason 5: It ’s hard to buy thousands of dollars. I like it.

Of course, some friends also said: "I like to ride an electric scooter to travel! No reason, is there a problem?" OK! nice! You love it! Just be happy! This is certainly fine.