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Can Robot Nine stir the two-wheeled electric vehicle market?

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The No. 9 robot of the leading company of the balance vehicle entered the game, and the two-wheeled electric vehicle industry added new players.

Recently, Robot No. 9 released a number of new two-wheeled electric vehicles, officially entering the field of two-wheeled electric vehicles. Can the No. 9 electric vehicle, which is mainly "true smart", break the homogeneity of the electric vehicle industry? As a "newcomer", can Robot # 9 take a share in the highly competitive electric vehicle market?

Intelligentization of electric vehicles becomes a new trend

The two-wheeled electric vehicle industry, which has been developing relatively slowly, has been turning point since last year. The implementation of the new national standard, the Beijing New Deal, the successful listing of Mavericks Electric, and the launch of Emma Technology's IPO have received considerable attention. Today, the No. 9 robot enters the two-wheeled electric vehicle industry, and industry players may add "rivals".

The two new two-wheeled electric vehicles released by Robot No. 9 are the national standard electric vehicle No. 9 electric C series and electric scooter No. 9 electric E series. The innovative induction unlocking function is eye-catching. Color customization is also very appealing to young people.

The company also displayed two electric motorcycle concept cars at the press conference, namely the No. 9 electric T with self-balancing remote control and the Segway Apex super electric motorcycle with a maximum speed of 200km / h.

Can Robot Nine stir the two-wheeled electric vehicle market?

"The intelligentization of transportation products is an irresistible trend. Three years ago, Robot No. 9 decided to redo the industry with intelligent technology. Today, we have brought 'true intelligence' two-wheeled electric vehicle products. We hope that through intelligent Technology and features help users to do subtraction and allow consumers to enjoy comfortable and convenient short-to-medium trips. "Said Gao Lufeng, chairman and CEO of No.9 Robot.

Volkswagen's recognition of the No. 9 robot brand is more "balance car manufacturers" and "Xiaomi ecological chain enterprises". The No. 9 robot, established in 2012, is a leading company in the field of balanced vehicles. After years of development, the company has formed a product line that includes intelligent electric balance vehicles, intelligent electric scooters, and intelligent service robots.

Liu De, co-founder and senior vice president of Xiaomi Group, also attended the launch of Robotics Nine. He said, "The robotics number nine uses the robot concept on short-distance vehicles. This is different from other ecological chain robotics companies. . Robot No. 9 is one of the earliest invested companies in our Xiaomi ecological chain system and the one with the largest investment quota. It can be seen that we attach great importance to such companies. After all, short-distance transportation is a large sector with huge imagination. "

According to Wang Ye, co-founder and president of Robot # 9, both electric vehicles released this time are equipped with Ninebot RideyGo! Intelligent system, when users bring their mobile phones near the vehicle, they can be automatically unlocked by Ninebot AirLock sensor unlock technology, and the car can be locked quickly after parking; lithium battery smart BMS 5.0 technology, with intelligent parallel / fast charge, health state SOH estimation, dual overcurrent / short More than 20 protection measures such as over-voltage protection; GPS, Beidou, base station triple positioning; When the vehicle moves or falls, the AHRS attitude sensing system can acutely sense and notify the owner the first time; Support OTA wireless upgrade, continuous update and optimization Features.

Homogeneity is serious and the industry needs innovation

In recent years, the number of electric bicycles has steadily increased. As of the end of 2018, the social ownership of electric bicycles in China has exceeded 250 million. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, as of the end of 2018, the average number of electric bicycles per 100 households in urban households was 57.5, an increase of 18.5 units from 2013; the average number of electric bicycles per 100 households in rural households was 74.8, compared with 2013 The annual increase is 34.5 vehicles.

Can Robot Nine stir the two-wheeled electric vehicle market?

Under the background of huge demand, most of the small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry have low technological level and no independent innovation ability. The products are mainly low-grade and low value-added products. Their market competition is mainly based on price wars. Low-end products have excess capacity and serious homogenization.

According to Gao Lufeng, Chairman and CEO of Robot # 9, "Many brands in the industry can basically produce a car in 3-6 months. The current industry products lack innovation, and many products use a shell and headlight. same."

The 20-year development of electric bicycles also ushered in a key turning point. In April this year, the new national standard for electric bicycles was officially implemented. According to the new national standard, electric bicycles must have the ability to pedal, the maximum design speed does not exceed 25km / h, the weight of the vehicle (including the battery) does not exceed 55kg, the motor power does not exceed 400W, and the battery voltage does not exceed 48V. It also adds technical requirements such as tamper resistance, fire protection, flame retardancy, and charger protection.

The implementation of the new national standard puts forward new requirements for industry enterprises. Battery life, shape design, and functional and technological innovation are all tests. In this context, the China Bicycle Association analysis shows that from January to June this year, the monthly production of electric bicycles was slightly lower than the same period last year, and the year-on-year growth rate continued to narrow. The total revenue of the main business of electric bicycle enterprises above designated size was 34.31 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6.5%; the profit realized was 1.35 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 11.0%, and the main business profit rate was 3.9%. Profit growth of the electric bicycle industry slowed.

"The domestic industry is in the process of reshuffle. We focus on innovation, polish all parts of the product in three years, and are confident to face the challenge. The international market is moving forward step by step. Electric drives will gradually replace fuel engines. This is a trend and an inevitable development of the industry. Law. "Said Gao Lufeng, chairman and CEO of No.9 Robot.

Liu De also believes that starting research and development three years ago, we believe that the relevant policies will definitely be liberalized, because private cars are not for everyone, and public transportation cannot fully meet travel needs, so two-wheeled electric vehicles are a very important travel option Based on this judgment, I dared to start doing research and development in three or four years.

The Institute of Foresight Industry pointed out that with the increasing awareness of consumers on electric bicycles, consumers have put forward higher requirements for the quality, after-sales service and technological innovation level of electric bicycles. Production enterprises must have the ability to develop new products, complete quality control systems, and excellent after-sales service systems.

Over the past two decades, China's electric bicycle industry has developed from scratch, and its market scale has ranked first in the world. Today, electric bicycles have become a highly marketable and highly competitive industry. Industry competition has intensified, and brand concentration has continued to rise.

Can Robot Nine stir the two-wheeled electric vehicle market?

According to the data from the ZDC Internet Consumer Research Center, in 2018, only two of the four million or more electric bicycles sold in the year were Emma Technology and Yadi Holdings. The industry's third place and the top two are quite different. The sales of the top ten brands accounted for about 58% of the total sales, and the sales of the top five brands accounted for about 44%.

Facing such a fiercely competitive situation, Gao Lufeng, Chairman and CEO of Robot # 9, remains confident. "Before entering the field of electric scooters, we spent about 18 months to 24 months to build products and launch the market. Basically, it took another 18 months to become the market leader. Therefore, we will take a long time to slowly Polishing the product, polishing it until it meets the expectations of users, and then launches the product in line with everyone's expectations, and it is very easy to become a leader in this industry. "

There are not many listed companies in the electric vehicle industry with a high degree of marketization. Among the traditional companies, only Yadi Holdings of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Xinri shares of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. In addition, Emma Technology is breaking through the IPO. Industry rookie Mavericks landed on Nasdaq. As a new player in the industry, Robot No. 9 is also currently applying for a science and technology board.

As an enterprise deeply cultivated in the field of intelligent short traffic, Robot No. 9 entered the field of electric vehicles and also focused on "true intelligence." "From feature phones to smart phones, Apple has emerged; from traditional car companies to electric cars, Tesla has appeared; from traditional electric cars to new smart electric cars, Robot No. 9 has appeared." Gao Lufeng emphasized that he hopes to become a disruption in the industry By.

In fact, in recent years, the intelligentization process of the travel industry has accelerated, and young consumers have gradually increased their demand for intelligent transportation. "If the design of the electric bicycle is beautiful, the function is intelligent and simple, and if the price is not too different, everyone will be more willing to try to choose a new product."