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Do you know how to install a children’s scooter?

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Children's scooters are more popular and more convenient to ride. They are loved by children. So, do you know how to install scooters? Now let's take a look at this little safety knowledge with PXID products.

Install the fender, just follow the product instructions. According to the front wheel fender, one original car screw should be removed, and the three fixing screws of the rear wheel fender are screwed directly to the leaf plate lining. However, during the installation process, it was found that one behind was also fixed to the car body using the original car screws, instead of screwing directly to the inner lining with self-tapping screws. The original car screws are fixed to the car body, and screwing directly to the inner lining is only fixed to a thin layer of plastic, so the original car screws for the rear wheel fenders are better and stronger. Here is how to install your own fender.

Do you know how to install a children's scooter?

1. The two fenders on the front wheel will not be repeated, and you can know which one to unload by comparing the fenders.

2. The installation method of the rear wheel fender is described directly below. There is an original car screw, which is used to fix the rear wheel fender.

3, the following points. There is an iron clip that fixes the rear fender among the parts that are equipped with the fender. Do not place it as shown on the online installation picture, but aim at the removed screws.

4. Fix the rear fender with the iron clip on the screw eye as shown in the figure below. 5. Fix it with a Torx screwdriver! This way you don't need to punch the car body and fix the fender to the car body. . The other screws can only be screwed to the inner lining. If it is not easy to screw, you can use an ordinary self-tapping screw (the tip of the plum blossom tapping screw is relatively blunt) to make an eye.

Do you know how to install a children's scooter?

PXID warm reminder: As a scooter enthusiast, to master the knowledge of what to pay attention to when participating in skateboarding, family members are best to accompany them, pay attention to travel safety and protect their health.