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Attention! In 2020, “this type” electric vehicles are prohibited!

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In a blink of an eye, the new national standard has been implemented for more than half a year, but penalties for electric vehicle violations throughout the country have only increased. According to the new national standard, 90% of electric vehicle users currently use electric motorcycles / electric light motorcycles, that is, cars exceeding the standard. After the implementation of the new national standard, over-standard electric vehicles can only be put on the road normally under the following two conditions: 1. There is a transition period in the place, and over-standard vehicles can be legally put on the road after registration and temporary licenses have been processed; 2. Over-standard vehicles have a motor vehicle D photo / E Photographs / F photos can be legally taken on the road (exceeded standards are divided into two categories: portable electric motorcycles and electric motorcycles, F pictures are only applicable to portable electric motorcycles, and D and E pictures are applicable to portable electric motorcycles and electric motorcycles).

Regarding how to obtain a driver's license, most regions have not yet issued relevant policies, and only few province cities such as Yinchuan and Lijiang are implementing them. At present, most regions have set a transition period for super-standard electric vehicles, and users of super-standard vehicles can legally go on the road during the transition period as long as they have a temporary license plate for the super-standard vehicles. So how long can I ride after the temporary license plate on the oversized car?

Attention! In 2020, "this type" electric vehicles are prohibited!

The actual situation is different in each place, and the transition period set is also different. Generally speaking, after the temporary license plate is exceeded, it can continue to be used for 3-5 years. The specific time is subject to local policies. Recently, Hefei, Anhui officially released the electric vehicle management document, which clarified the direction of Hefei electric vehicle management:

(I) Publicity and mobilization stage (December 2019-May 2020)

(II) Registration and Licensing Phase (June 2020--December 2020)

(3) Standard transition period (January 2021-December 2023)

In fact, whether it is an over-standard electric vehicle or an electric bicycle that complies with the new national standard, it is necessary to license the card in order to legally get on the road. If the traffic police finds that they are driving without a license, they will be fined for deductions and detained for detention. Another 11 days will be 2020. Recently, various regions have introduced electric vehicle management policies for 2020. Among them, unlicensed roads will be the key targets for improvement.

Shandong: June 2020, unlicensed electric vehicles are prohibited from being on the road

From June 1, 2020, public security organs at all levels in Shandong Province will step up efforts to improve electric bicycles. Those who do not hang an electric bicycle number plate or temporary number plate are not allowed to drive on the road. At the same time, it is actively exploring the application of electronic monitoring, face recognition and other technical means to carry out off-site law enforcement exposure.

Attention! In 2020, "this type" electric vehicles are prohibited!

Taiyuan: Starting from 2020, unlicensed electric bicycles will be seized according to law

From January 1, 2020, Taiyuan will strictly deduct all types of electric bicycles that are not registered and listed in accordance with the law in strict accordance with the Taiyuan Electric Bicycle Management Regulations.

Shaanxi: from 2020, unlicensed vehicles will be banned from the road

September 24 to December 31, 2019 is the centralized registration and listing period for over-standard electric bicycles in use before April 15, 2019. If the registration is not overdue, the registration and listing business will no longer be processed. From January 1, 2020, unregistered electric bicycles are not allowed to drive on the road; after June 30, 2022, the transitional number plates for electric bicycles that exceed the standard are invalidated, and vehicles cannot be driven on the road.

Changsha: from March 2020, unlicensed vehicles will be temporarily detained

Before March 2020, all electric vehicles in Changsha must be licensed, otherwise they will be punished by temporarily detaining vehicles. After March 2023, non-national standard electric vehicles will be banned from roads. In addition, the traffic police department has records of electric vehicles that have been licensed before, and only need to replace the new license.

Shanwei: Starting from 2020, unlicensed vehicles will be detained according to law

Registration (time) ends on December 30. From January 1 next year, the traffic police department will seize unregistered electric vehicles. This time the license is limited to electric bicycles and illegal electric vehicles. After the transitional period of illegal licenses, the owner should apply to the public traffic police department for scrap disposal, otherwise the traffic police department will collect them according to regulations.

Attention! In 2020, "this type" electric vehicles are prohibited!

At the end of the year, electric vehicle management policies have emerged endlessly. In addition to the license plates of electric vehicles, there are the following points that need your attention:

Jiangsu Binhai: Non-standard electric tricycles and four-wheelers prohibited

Recently, Jiangsu Binhai County Public Security Bureau issued the "Notice on Road Traffic Organization in Binhai County Urban District", which will be implemented on December 1, 2019. The regulations are clear. From December 1, various low-speed cargo vehicles, tractors (variants and hand-held), tricycles, electric tricycles, non-standard electric passenger three or four-wheelers are prohibited from entering the key areas of traffic management.

Zhengzhou, Henan: Up to 5,000 fines for electric vehicle solicitation

"Regulations on Regulating Passenger Transport in Zhengzhou City" were formally implemented on December 1, 2019. The "Regulations" specify that from December 1, electric bikes, tricycles, and other "pulling live" are liable to a maximum fine of 5,000 yuan.

Since the implementation of the new national standard, penalties for electric vehicle violations have continued to increase throughout the country. More than a month will be the New Year. At the end of each year, the traffic police will rectify the peak of electric vehicle violations. At present, many provinces have begun to conduct strict inspections of electric vehicles at the end of the year. Electric vehicle users must be careful on the road!

Shenzhen: Four times illegal driving ban for 1 year

In order to prevent and reduce traffic accidents related to express delivery and takeaway, Shenzhen Traffic Police issued new regulations in December: Takeaway riders riding electric motorcycles who violated traffic regulations such as running through red lights, retrograde, etc., will be punished if they are severe. During the month, once a traffic violation occurred, the enterprise organized an illegal rider to stop driving for one day; during the month, three times the traffic violation occurred, and the enterprise organized an illegal rider to stop driving for 5 days; during the month, 4 times (including 4 or more) traffic violations, the enterprise included the rider. Blacklisted for 1 year. The maximum penalty period is 2 years! This wave of special vehicle rectification is called "the strictest electric vehicle rectification in history."

Attention! In 2020, "this type" electric vehicles are prohibited!

Wuhan: Seizure of Illegal from 5362

On December 14, Wuhan Traffic Police again launched a special rectification of electric bicycle order. On the same day, nearly 1,000 police forces were organized to strictly investigate electric bicycle violations at nearly one hundred key intersections in the city. A total of 5,362 violations of electric vehicles were investigated and punished. There were 1,361 unlicensed electric vehicles, and 2,352 electric vehicle drivers were educated on site. Illegal behaviors such as driving against the road, running red lights retrograde, illegally carrying people and carrying goods, illegally driving on the road without a license, without a license, and investing in violations of the law, and fined 50 yuan.

Of course, we have to admit that there are some problems with the current electric vehicle management methods in many regions. According to Charging Man's observation, electric vehicle management in many areas is now “sporty”. During the period of strict investigation, it is very strict. Once the period of strict investigation is over, everything will return to calm and have little effect.

Sports management can only cure the symptoms, and only legislation can cure the root causes. Promoting electric vehicle management legislation is the key to electric vehicle management. From the legal point of view, there is a clear positioning for electric vehicles. From how to produce, how to sell, how to ride, and how to get on the road, it is restricted by clear legal provisions. "Towards the" rule of law. " Governance of electric bicycles is a major issue related to people's livelihood. In order to improve the governance effect, managers should further promote the rule of law and standardization of governance of electric bicycles. Only in this way can electric vehicle management be carried out smoothly.