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Lime, Razor and Bird win contract for electric scooter in San Antonio

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The city council passed Lime, Razor and Bird's electric scooter contracts by 10 to 1 on Thursday, marking a new phase in the city's supervision of electric scooters.

The three are currently the largest operators in San Antonio and will allow up to 1,000 shared electric scooters each over the next two years. The council also approved the abolition of the current night curfew, opening the door to 24-hour electric scooter operations.

Lime, Razor and Bird win contract for electric scooter in San Antonio

As one of the three operators initially recommended, Lyft was replaced by Bird, which ranked fourth in the tender for the final contract.

From the end of 2018 to the beginning of 2019, the number of rides and electric scooters on the street has been declining in general since the peak usage.

The number of rides in December 2018 was 300,101, and the average number of vehicles deployed in February 2019 reached the highest level of 6,703. However, as of November this year, there were only 82,742 rides per month, with an average of 2,636 vehicles deployed.

Contracts with Lime, Bird and Razor will start on January 12, and until then, other electric scooter operators must cease operations. The night riding ban will be lifted on the same day.

Plans for Seattle's electric scooter pilot program have come into focus, with new documents announcing key details of the proposal.

Lime, Razor and Bird win contract for electric scooter in San Antonio

According to a proposal by the Seattle Department of Transportation, electric scooters will be allowed into bicycle lanes and multipurpose trails, but not on sidewalks. This may test the city's law enforcement capabilities as other municipalities have been working to implement similar restrictions.

According to documents, SDOT will issue licenses for up to 20,000 electric scooters and bicycles. The speed of an electric scooter must not exceed 15 miles per hour, which is consistent with other regulations of the well-known "micro-traveling tools". These companies will have to pay, which will fund the management of the pilot program.

The deadline for public comment on the proposal is December 23. Seattle is in the midst of a summer review to prepare for the electric scooter pilot program. City officials are expected to finalize electric scooter companies that can apply for permits by the end of the year, and launch electric scooters in spring 2020.

Seattle was one of the first cities in the U.S. to adopt a pileless bicycle, with a pilot launched in 2017 and the program officially implemented in 2018. The city has spent more preparation time before allowing electric scooters, even if the surrounding cities are already using electric scooters. In recent months, neighboring cities of Redmond, Tacoma and Bothell have launched electric scooter trials.