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Electric Vehicle E: Unlocking Freedom with Smart

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No. 9 electric vehicle E, a brand-new "black technology" electric vehicle called "No. 9 really smart". Although it looks no different from ordinary electric vehicles, there are actually other things in it, otherwise how can it be called Can it be a "black technology" electric car? Next, come closer to it and have a look!

Electric Vehicle E: Unlocking Freedom with Smart

The 9th electric vehicle E has an intelligent induction unlock. The owner of the vehicle can unlock it by bringing a mobile phone close to it. The new "black technology" bids farewell to the traditional way of unlocking keys and remote controls, making it easier to unlock and more convenient to travel. Park the car at will, as long as you put your mobile phone on it, it will automatically unlock it.

Sometimes the owner of the car forgets to close the lock, so there is a risk of losing it, and when you leave, the electric vehicle No. 9 will immediately close the lock automatically. This guarantees the safety of the vehicle, allowing you to travel freely and safely. The effect of inductive unlocking and stop-and-go is a new smart experience that makes your travels cooler and safer.

Electric Vehicle E: Unlocking Freedom with Smart

Imagine that when you step on the cat step and approach your beloved car, it will automatically unlock without any operation. Then you start, speed, and stop without any operation, it will automatically lock, it is really chic to "swipe your sleeves and not take away a cloud" Ah, you can cool it, you can you.

What about its speed? Its speed is of course not let go. When the lights are turned on and the distribution is started, the speed of 100km / h is fast. The concept of this speed is that if a motorcycle competes with it, it will also lose out. Driving it allows you to enjoy a real speed and passion.

Electric Vehicle E: Unlocking Freedom with Smart

Not only that, it also has outstanding waterproof performance. It is claimed to be the brave rider of Mercedes on any road. It is not afraid of wind and rain, and it is not afraid of mud. The entire body supports water gun car washing, even if the entire body is dumped in the water, it will not enter the water, which escorts safe riding. Even on that kind of muddy pothole ground, it still looks like a flat ground, the shuttle's strength and speed will not change, and it feels stable and unaffected by the uneven ground.

The powerful intelligent system enables it to have the No. 9 "cloud computer" system with millions of devices connected. The OTA system is wirelessly upgraded, and the intelligent system is updated at any time, allowing you to ride a new car all the time. Intelligent support, will be connected to the "cloud computer" according to the latest system, update the latest data anytime, anywhere, like the smartphone update system, every time you drive a new brand new car, every riding experience will give You have a different experience.

In addition, it also has one of the biggest highlights, that is, it uses GPS, Beidou, base station triple positioning blessing, to ensure that the vehicle position is locked, to help you lock your car track at all times, to ensure that it is not lost. If your car is really lost, you can find the track of your car through the three positioning functions in segway-Ninebot to prevent your car from being lost.