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Do you know the structure of electric scooters? Comprehensive structural analysis, quick collection

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Scooters are a new generation of trendy sports products for young people. They not only have the mainstream fashion appearance, but also are extremely compact and portable. As for the trunk of private cars, carrying subways and buses is not a problem, which is very convenient. The scooter originally came from Japan, but was invented by the German industrial design company. At the beginning of the design, it was a simple labor-saving sports machine. The speed of the scooter can reach more than 20km / h. Because of its moderate speed and easy to learn and operate, it is very popular and attractive.

Do you know the structure of electric scooters? Comprehensive structural analysis, quick collection

As a new environmentally friendly mode of travel, scooters are still being continuously improved, innovated and promoted. Let's find out what are the structural parts of the scooter?

First, the appearance and structure of the scooter

1. Frame: The strong and stable structure of the main part of the vehicle will directly affect the quality level of the vehicle. According to market analysis, the main body of the vehicle is mostly made of aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy material has high strength and light weight, and it is a relatively good alloy material, which is very suitable as the frame material of the whole vehicle.

2. Front frame: The interior of the front frame is used to place the battery and controller, and the front wheels and handlebars are connected externally, as well as the connection with the rear frame, and the settings of the front lights.

Do you know the structure of electric scooters? Comprehensive structural analysis, quick collection

3. Rear frame: It is also the trunk of the car. The vehicle must not only have a solid design, but also control lines such as power lines and brake lines inside, and the rear wheels must be connected to the outside. The design must also be consistent with saving materials and reducing weight. Design principles.

4. Wheelbase: The distance between the front and rear wheels. The current wheelbase of an electric scooter is usually about 80cm. The size of the wheelbase affects the overall feeling of the scooter pedal: the longer the wheelbase, the better the riding experience, but the relative It will be slightly slower.

5. Board surface: Usually a usable skateboard surface is made by rolling, and the bottom of some boards has a smooth layer made of special chemicals.

6. Wheels: Tire sizes are mostly between 8-10 inches. Generally speaking, the larger the wheel of a scooter, the faster the speed and the shock resistance will be improved. The front wheels are mainly responsible for steering, most of which are pneumatic tires, which have strong abrasion resistance and high stability; the rear wheels are mainly responsible for driving, and the structure is more complicated. Most of them use vacuum explosion-proof tires with in-wheel motors for their wear resistance, safety, and comfort. The stability and stability are very high.

Structural composition of connecting parts

1. Fork: This part is an important part that connects the front wheel to the front body. The role is to fix the front wheel directly below the body, support the weight received by the front wheel, and transmit the steering action of the handlebar to the front wheel. Enable the front wheels to turn according to the direction of the handle.

Do you know the structure of electric scooters? Comprehensive structural analysis, quick collection

2. Front wheel axle: The wheel axle is an important part of the fixed wheel of the vehicle, and it is also the main force location.

3. Others: The connecting parts include the shaft between the front frame and the rear frame, the rear wheel shaft, and the mechanical lever group connecting the seat and the frame. The shaft structure requires high rigidity. Generally, aluminum alloy is used as the material.

Part of the drive system

The drive system is divided into two parts: power supply and motor

1. Power supply: Most of them use lithium batteries as the power source. Lithium batteries have high energy, long service life, light weight, and easy to carry, which is very suitable for the use of scooters.

2. Motor: Brushless hub motor is generally used as the driving device. There are two types of in-wheel motors: brushless motors and brushed motors.

Part of the braking system

Braking is braking, there are drum brake and disc brake. The principle of the drum brake is to use the brake drum that rotates with the wheel to rub against the brake pads inside the brake drum to reduce the speed of the wheel to achieve the purpose of braking; while the disc brake uses the brake caliper to operate two brake pads Clamp the disc brake disc on the wheel to achieve the purpose of braking.