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Why does Volkswagen prefer electric scooters? Why do electric scooters occupy the market?

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Scooter selected for 21st century travel! Electric scooters, as a trendy travel tool, are popular with users for their convenience and practicality. The market competition for scooters is becoming increasingly fierce, and industrial design companies have launched different models of scooters one after another, and the influence of scooters is growing. Why does Volkswagen prefer electric scooters? And why do electric scooters occupy the market?

Cool fashion

As a scooter, many friends consider the scooter as a trendy item, because it has very clean and simple lines, a full sense of technology, and the main body is painted in black or white. It can be used in various clothing styles. Absolutely turning heads in the crowd burst into the air. In addition, it is driven by electricity, is very low-carbon and environmentally friendly, and it is the best choice for green travel. Therefore, it is loved by low-carbon families.

Why does Volkswagen prefer electric scooters? Why do electric scooters occupy the market?

2. Riding effortless and comfortable

As a short-distance travel equipment, it can adapt to most urban road conditions, and save riders from the inefficiency and fatigue of walking. The height of its struts can also be adjusted, which can freely adjust the different heights of different riders to improve riding comfort. It is also equipped with high-intensity lighting headlights and brake taillights. When traveling at night, you don't need to worry about the road being too dark and difficult to see the obstacles, or the model will be ignored by other passers-by and cause collision. It is absolutely safe and reliable.

3. Lightweight enough

The electric scooter is very small, and the requirements for the width and width of the road are not high, so it will not be affected by traffic jams at all, and it can also cross any alley in the city. Moreover, it is very portable after being folded, and can be seamlessly connected to various modes of transportation. It can be brought on the bus, subway, or in the trunk of a car to make up for the lack of flexibility of large-scale travel equipment.

Why does Volkswagen prefer electric scooters? Why do electric scooters occupy the market?

4. Easy to fold

For many foldable mobility equipment, the folding operation is very complicated, but the scooter is very simple. It only needs to fold the supporting rod, the main frame, and the pedals in turn, and the folding joints are moderately tight, and do not require extra force, and it does not appear that it is hard to fold and it is difficult to fold.

As a new mobility tool, in addition to its cool fashion, scooters have various advantages in all aspects, which is why the public loves scooters, and it is why scooters occupy the market and remain high.