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How many years can an electric vehicle battery last?

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As the weather gets colder and colder, the electric car's power is getting more and more insufficient. Is the battery broken? In fact, it is not, because the low temperature will cause the electric vehicle to have insufficient power. In fact, it has nothing to do with the battery of the electric vehicle. But we also need to use it reasonably to make the battery last longer. Regarding the battery life of electric vehicles, there are really any circumstances. Some people use the battery for less than three months and then it breaks down. Some people use it for more than a year, and some people use it for four or five years.

As of now, this group of old batteries from Shandong Guangrao was born on June 17, 2002. With 17 years and 3 months, it has broken the record of the durability of Tianneng batteries and became the longest-lived battery of Tianneng. Let ’s take a look at how such a durable battery is used and maintained in daily life.

How many years can an electric vehicle battery last?

1. Pay attention to battery charging

To charge the electric vehicle, it is best not to charge it outdoors. It should be controlled within 10 hours, and it can be floated for another 1-2 hours after turning the lights. Be careful not to charge it for too long, as it can cause damage to the battery.

2. Frequent charging makes it impossible

The service life of an electric vehicle battery is limited by the number of charges. The number of charge and discharge times of an ordinary battery is about 300 times. If it is charged once every two days, it can be used for about two years. Recharging the battery too often will shorten the battery life.

3. Must be stored without electricity

The electric car is not used, and it should be charged once a month to prevent the battery from sulfiding. Some people will place electric cars because the temperature is cold, and then ride the electric car after the temperature rises. Before placing the electric car, you must first fully charge the electric car, and let the electric car be placed with electricity. Charge the electric car once a month to avoid battery damage due to sulfuration.

How many years can an electric vehicle battery last?

4.Battery starting protection battery

At the beginning of electric vehicles, care should be taken not to directly accelerate the start, because a large current is required at the beginning, and the electrode plate of the battery will be damaged when the start is accelerated. So pedaling and slow acceleration can protect the battery. When starting or uphill, try to help manually or accelerate slowly. In the winter when the electric vehicle starts and goes uphill, if there is a pedal, use the pedal as much as possible to help, and accelerate slowly and evenly without the pedal. Do not suddenly turn the handle to the bottom, otherwise the power consumption will increase due to high current discharge. "Strained" battery.

5.There is a way to use the charger

When using the charger to charge the battery, pay attention to check whether the indicator light of the charger is working properly. If it is time to complete the charge, the indicator light of the charger does not show that the charge is complete, it should be noted that the charger should be broken. If you continue to charge with a bad charger, it will cause battery packs and other conditions, resulting in battery damage.

6. Frequent braking injury battery

Try not to use the brakes frequently during driving. You can run slowly on bumpy or congested roads to avoid serious damage to the battery caused by frequent use of the brakes.

How many years can an electric vehicle battery last?

7. Don't do the battery undervoltage

During the use of electric vehicles, if the undervoltage indicator on the indicator panel is on, do not continue to drive, because as soon as the indicator light is on, it indicates that the battery is undervoltage, and continued use will be serious Reduce battery life.

As a power source for electric vehicles, it is especially important to choose a set of high-quality batteries that are suitable for you. But also pay attention to the timely maintenance and maintenance of electric vehicles.