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PXID teaches you how to easily repair electric car chargers

pxid 2019-12-14 763 times

Electric car chargers are prone to problems if they are used for a long time. Replace them with new ones? Or went to the store for repairs? The following PXID industrial design company to share how to easily repair electric vehicle chargers.

1. First plug in the charger with 220V power. Do not plug in the battery cable for a while and see if the indicator light is on. If there are two indicators, one green light and one red light should be on. If there is only one indicator light, it should be green light. If both indicator lights are red, or a single indicator charger is red, then the charger does not need to be repaired. It is not repairable by a purely professional person. In some cases, the indicator light flashes. It's useless.


2. After the 220V power is plugged in, the indicator light does not turn on. We turn on the charger and use the multimeter to open the on / off position. If there is an open circuit, switch to another line or cut off one end and try it.

3. When the power cord is normal, the indicator light is on, but it is not charged. We use the same method to measure whether there is a disconnection in the battery cable. If it is, replace it with a new one. If it is normal, we will observe the circuit. Board, there are no burned traces at the end of the plug-in battery line. Look carefully at the red circle on the picture for burned traces. If there is one, find a thinner wire and use an electric soldering iron to find one. Solder, just solder the wire to both ends of the wire.

PXID teaches you how to easily repair electric car chargers

4. After plugged in, it is unavailable to test by directly plugging in two power sources (if the amount is sometimes not measured, for example, a 48V charger sometimes appears more than eighty volts or more). It does n’t matter whether it is a 48V charger or not. The 220V power cord is burned, so you do n’t need to solder it, and you do n’t need to repair it.

Through some simple methods, test the failure of some electric vehicle chargers, and solve the problem according to the failure. It is really impossible to repair. We will replace it with a new one.