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How to troubleshoot electric vehicle steering? worth collecting

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The electric vehicles family is a riding army on the road, you can see its shadow everywhere. It brings qualitative changes to people's lives, travelling and traveling, so there is "speed", more people like it, picking up students, shopping, delivering courier ... riding a triumphant! When riding, there will be faults. If the direction of the electric car is difficult to control, how to repair it?

First, the shaft screws are loose. Some of the front axle screws are non-slip wires that are not slippery, but some screws are not non-slip wires. They are easy to take off after a long time. When the front wheel swings when the road is bumpy, the screws will easily loosen. Then the front axle withdrew, ran the wheel, carried the car, and hurt people.

Solution: Replace the high-quality non-slip front axle, pay more attention to the inspection in the future, and check if the front axle screws are loose in time.

How to troubleshoot electric vehicle steering? worth collecting

Second, the front tires are abnormal or hoisting. The tires are rubber. Some shock absorptions are not reduced while the tires are abraded. It is very likely that the tires will not be gripped. The tires will be shifted to the thin side of the tires. Some tires have poor rubber quality, and the inflated tendons can't cover the "skin", which makes them swell, (some poor quality of the inner tube will also swell, "swell"), so that the trembling shifts forward and makes it difficult to turn!

Solution: Replace the tire

Third, the pressure bearing is faulty. The operation of the bearing on the upper and lower forks makes the steering better and smarter. Once worn, the bearings are scattered, and the deformation directly causes the turn to turn immobile and abnormal noise. If the maintenance is not carried out in time, the faucet sleeve will forcibly rub against the fork, which will wear out The front fork is overturned. If you encounter difficulty in steering, please repair the pressure bearing in time!

Solution: Spray the rust remover on the screw to be dismantled to remove the rust and help dismantle. Use a plum wrench to disassemble the hanging wire ghost screw. Generally, there is a hanging wire in the middle of the handlebar to fix the front fork and the handlebar. It is best to use a sleeve or a plum wrench to prevent the screw from sliding and flattening. When pulling out the handlebar, see if the cable is in trouble. Do n’t pull it forcefully. In case the cable breaks cause unnecessary trouble, pay attention and do more with less! The front fork wire generally includes the cover wire, non-slip pad, and fixing wire. After removing the fixing wire, use a flat-blade screwdriver to pry off the non-slip washer to remove the cover wire. Easy to operate). Withdraw the front fork and remove all the upper and lower bearings and bearing steel bowls. Do not change the bearings without changing the steel bowls. Damage to the bearings will also cause different degrees of damage to the bowls! Use high-quality "eight bowls". When entering the bowl, it is best to use square wooden pads to knock into place with 捶. Forcibly hitting the bowl will deform the bearings and the bearings will die quickly. The upper and lower bearings must be coated with lubricant to reduce friction and life. For longer, the screws are tightened and the wiring harness is fixed to prevent turning and grinding.

How to troubleshoot electric vehicle steering? worth collecting

Fourth, the fork is faulty. The front fork has been around for a long time, and the rust attack, uneven elasticity of the internal spring, or external force collision will cause the front fork to shift, and the non-parallel deviation will cause the handlebar to run to the side, which will take a lot of effort to turn.

Solution: Replace the fork. The method is similar to the method of replacing the pressure bearing. It should be noted that the matching problem is the same as the original front fork. The "neck length" (long, screw up to low "dangdang", short, upset wire danger) parallel rod distance, (The length of the shaft is inconsistent.) The clearance on the installation tires ... (small distance, mud tiles cannot be installed, large distance, affecting aesthetics). Supporting use, worry-free installation!

Fifth, the car frame is broken. The current car racks are not as sturdy as we think. Some brands of cars have thin steel walls in the front. When they encounter water rust, severe corrosion, and bad roads, they are easily broken. The "split", the turn is not good, the frame shakes violently, and it is easy to be frightened when you continue riding.

Solution: Weld the cracked part with appropriate steel bar or flat iron for welding. If the car is old and the frame is very rusty, it is recommended to replace it with a new one!

How to troubleshoot electric vehicle steering? worth collecting

Sixth, the front is heavy. In order to run far, many electric vehicles have added a set of batteries to increase mileage. Some are at the pedals, some are in the front battery box. The gravity of the battery, plus the gravity of people, bring the front handlebars. Come to bear the weight until the turn is difficult, causing "heavy" damage to the front forks and front tires! Turns heavy, can't move ...

Solution: If it meets your schedule, replace the battery with a new one. The two groups will also run on the car with the battery running! Don't put the battery in the front if you can put it in the back!

Electric vehicles bring convenience to people's travels, but they cannot be used or cared for. They must be maintained and checked frequently. Repairs should be made in a timely manner when difficult to turn. Prevent minor faults from developing into major problems. Travel safety. Keep in mind. Be vigilant at all times, keep in mind the safety awareness, and repair in time if there is a fault!