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Tesla to launch Cyberquad electric all-terrain vehicle in second half of 2021

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Elon Musk confirms the timing of the launch of Tesla's ATV Cyberquad (electric all-terrain vehicle used with the electric pickup Cybertruck) and hints that it is also possible to launch Electric off-road vehicle.

At the end of last month's electric pickup conference, Tesla launched an electric all-terrain vehicle produced by its design team. This vehicle, called Tesla Cyberquad, is used to demonstrate the loading capacity of Cybertruck: Cybertruck can lower its rear suspension for easy loading of vehicles in the cargo area of electric pickup trucks.

Tesla to launch Cyberquad electric all-terrain vehicle in second half of 2021

This ATV can use the power socket (110v / 220v) on Tesla Cybertruck, which means that when Tesla Electric ATV is on Cybertruck, it can be charged.

At the time, Musk did not mention any news about the offer of ATV, but he later stated that this would be the choice of Cybertruck buyers. Now the CEO has announced the timeline.

Tesla's goal is to launch electric ATVs by the second half of 2021, as with Cybertruck: "Our goal is to be available simultaneously with trucks. The two-seater electric ATVs used with Cybertruck will be fun!"

In addition, Musk said that it would be "cool" to make the electric off-road vehicle an option for Cybertrucl. "An electric buggy will also be cool." However, the CEO reiterated that Tesla will never launch an electric motorcycle because he believes that electric motorcycles are too dangerous based on his experience: "We will not do electric motorcycles It ’s too dangerous. I was almost killed by a truck when I was 17 (while riding an electric motorcycle). "

Here are some pictures of Tesla Cyberquad that are currently expected to be released in the second half of 2021 for Cybertruck buyers to choose from:

Tesla to launch Cyberquad electric all-terrain vehicle in second half of 2021

Of course, Tesla's electric all-terrain vehicle will not enter the market alone. Even after Alta's bankruptcy last year, many new companies have sprung up to fill the void. Over the past two years, Sur Ron's Light Bee off-road vehicles have become increasingly popular, and the company is preparing to launch larger electric off-road vehicles next year.

Segway also introduced electric off-road vehicles, although it is basically a rebranded Sur Ron, which is only sold under the Segway brand.