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Alexandria MP proposes second phase electric scooter pilot

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At a legislative meeting on November 26, MPs from the Ministry of Transport and Environmental Services made a proposal to the city council recommending the second phase of the electric scooter pilot program.

The council will conduct a final round of voting on the pilot program on December 14. Staff outlined several major changes to sidewalk riding regulations and set out the costs and fairness that may be implemented in the second phase of the pilot program.

"While we do see the value of this new mode of transportation and the convenience it brings to residents, we fully recognize that as a city, there are many challenges that need to be addressed before preparing for a permanent plan," North Katie, the head of the Transportation Services Department, said, "At the moment, we propose a second-phase pilot program that will allow us to make changes to existing plans and assess the impact of those changes." (Alexandria Times)

Alexandria MP proposes second phase electric scooter pilot

Riders urge Hoboken City Council to relocate electric scooters after city government strengthens regulations
Supporters defended electric scooters at Hoboken City Council on Wednesday night.

Hailey Rosario said, "I hope the plan can be expanded next year, because it can reduce a lot of my expenses, taxis cost $ 5 or $ 6, and Lime etc. only cost me $ 2-3.

On Wednesday night, the city council unanimously passed a law banning the distribution of electric scooters on the sidewalk, which also indicates that the city is preparing for a new plan.

Assemblywoman Tiffanie Fisher said in an interview that the regulations require users to place electric scooters in designated areas after using them.

Alexandria MP proposes second phase electric scooter pilot

"If Lime is competitive and they provide the best technology, then we will choose it," she said.

An online study found that most Hoboken residents want to use electric scooters in the city, but many of their supporters don't want them to return until the program improves.

It is illegal to ride a scooter on a sidewalk, block traffic, and ride a device with multiple people at the same time. This is all illegal behavior that the city has been difficult to monitor. Members of the parliament and the residents concerned stated that violations of the rules put pedestrians at risk of being hit and that they were injured by cars.

Fisher said she will not vote for the program unless it is managed more securely. (The Jersey Journal)