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DHL to launch L-type electric scooter pilot in U.S. in spring 2020

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According to the latest report, Deutsche Post DHL will launch an electric vehicle pilot project in the United States next spring, starting in two cities-one on each coast.

The plan is to launch the street scooter (DHL subsidiary) working L model, which may be fully deployed in 2022-2023. In Europe, DHL has operated more than 10,000 street scooters.

Streetcar said: "Of the 12,000 street scooter electric cars on the road, approximately 10,000 are transporting DHL. They operate in cities across Amsterdam, Vienna and Germany, saving approximately 36,000 tons per truck per year. carbon dioxide."

DHL to launch L-type electric scooter pilot in U.S. in spring 2020

In a recent interview, the tram's chief technical officer said, "We have the most experience on the road, while others are still working on their first prototype," said the tram's chief technical officer.

Of the 500 street scooters ordered in the Japanese market this week, Yamato Transport Co. Ltd. was the first to show its global ambitions.

With Amazon's investment in Rivian and orders for 100,000 EVs, large EV orders from USPS, and the gradual expansion of UPS and FedEx, DHL's move is not surprising.