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Obviously there are back seats, why not let people take electric cars?

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Recently, netizens broke the news that Zhengzhou City, Henan Province has increased non-motorized vehicle rectification. The traffic management department said that according to relevant regulations, electric vehicles can only take one child under 12 years old, which caused many citizens to be dissatisfied. Citizens say what to do for families with two children? Do husbands and wives have to ride two electric cars together? Electric cars obviously have rear seats, so why not let people? The following editors of the industrial design company take you to find out.

Obviously there are back seats, why not let people take electric cars?

Regarding whether electric vehicles can carry people, in practice, many cities have gradually implemented the regulations that electric vehicles cannot carry people. However, at the practical use level of electric vehicle users, because of the need for convenience, electric vehicles are still very common. It can be said that whether electric vehicles are allowed to carry people is very controversial. Most people are still unaware of or not allowed to carry people. Stage of understanding.

In May this year, whether electric vehicles could be carried on the Weibo hot search. At that time, Nanning issued a new regulation for electric vehicle management, claiming that electric vehicles were over 12 years old and violated the rules, which caused hot discussion among netizens. Eventually, the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region promised There will be conditions to appropriately relax electric bicycles to carry people.

Facing the huge pressure of online public opinion, the Guangxi electric vehicle management department also explained that the new regulations explained that "the current illegal passenger carrying behavior of electric bicycles and motorcycles is mainly education. For those who have serious hidden safety hazards, such as The situation of more than one person will be corrected and punished. "

Obviously there are back seats, why not let people take electric cars?

"It is not illegal for electric vehicles to meet certain conditions and regulations. In accordance with Article 72 of the Implementation Regulations of the Road Traffic Safety Law, citizens driving bicycles, tricycles, electric bicycles, and disabled wheelchairs on the road should Comply with relevant regulations. There is no clear stipulation in the law of non-motorized vehicle passengers, and specific management measures are formulated according to local actual conditions. "

Can't electric cars carry people? At present, Chongqing and Heilongjiang completely prohibit the use of electric bicycles to carry people. Guangdong is only allowed to carry children under 1 m2 in height, and Jiangsu Province stipulates that it is only allowed to carry children under 12 years old. According to the lawyer's reply, for the non-motorized vehicle people, the law does not make clear regulations, and specific management measures are still formulated by the local management department.

Obviously there are back seats, why not let people take electric cars?

After the above analysis, do you think that people on electric vehicles should be judged illegal? Should electric cars be allowed to carry people?