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Robotic electric scooter No. 9 settles in Costco supermarket

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Recently, if the name Costco is mentioned, the friends in Shanghai will certainly not be unfamiliar. Indeed, the first Costco large-scale chain-member storehouse in mainland China was settled in Shanghai, and the ninth electric scooter sports version was listed for sale as the first batch of selected products.

Robotic electric scooter No. 9 settles in Costco supermarket

Introduction to Robot Nine

As a global leader in the field of intelligent short traffic and service robots, the No. 9 robot has a number of popular and highly respected technology products. Such as "No. 9 balance car", "No. 9 electric scooter", "Lumeng robot" and other products. In terms of functional form and innovation, they all performed well and gained a large number of fans.

Because of the outstanding product and high-quality reputation of Robot # 9, Costco has thrown an olive branch and established an in-depth partnership with Robot # 9, providing hundreds of thousands of North American users with many high-quality products, including electric scooters and balance cars. . At the same time, our popular product No. 9 electric scooter sports version also followed Costco, becoming the first batch of products sold in China's first physical store.

Costco model, highly respected by Xiaomi and NetEase

When it comes to Costco, it has to mention its "cheap and big bowl" title, and its well-known payment membership system. This well-known model has been frequently imitated by the new retail giants Xiaomi and NetEase in China.

First of all, Costco's "pay first membership fee and then shop" model is an important feature that distinguishes it from most stores. In addition to the double return guarantee, members who join the club can also enjoy various services, including free optometry, free eye care, optional hearing aids, and free tire pumping.

High-quality membership services deeply bind Costco with consumers, especially middle-to-high-end white-collar consumer groups. This group of users is highly overlapping with the core consumer group of Robot No. 9, so we have cooperated with Costco very early, relying on its high-quality services and shopping channels to serve the common user group of both parties.

Robot # 9 is committed to providing quality services to Chinese consumers

The reason why the No. 9 robot unswervingly chose to cooperate with Costco is, first of all, that Costco itself has a strong appeal in the middle class and white-collar workers, and it highly overlaps with its target consumers. Another reason is that Costco provides consumers with high-quality after-sales service while providing sales, which can minimize consumers' worries about purchasing products.

Robotic electric scooter No. 9 settles in Costco supermarket

Good products need better services. Robot No.9 always firmly believes that while continuously innovating and producing higher quality products, it will also focus on the innovation and improvement of after-sales service and always provide you with the best quality from the perspective of consumers user experience.