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Multi-purpose vehicle, Lime’s new scooter still has this feature?

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Lime recently launched a new feature electric scooter, let's find out.

Lime, an industrial design company that is one of the giants of shared scooters, has developed a new feature for the shared electric scooter business in the United States and Canada: each Lime user can unlock five electric scooters at the same time, so that peers can Riding a scooter on your own is convenient and safe.

Multi-purpose vehicle, Lime's new scooter still has this feature?

Prior to this, Lime's shared scooter requires you to bind users and can only unlock a scooter for your own use. Without a Lime account, you cannot use shared electric scooters. However, there are still many people who unlock a scooter, and then two people share it, which violates Lime's rules of use to a certain extent and is also prone to dangerous accidents.

In response to this phenomenon, Lime developed such a new function-"one person unlocks five people", only one person needs to pay to unlock the electric scooter, and other people at the same time use the car. Not only is it convenient to use, let more people enjoy the convenience brought by the scooter, but also provides corresponding guarantees for user safety.

Lime states:
"In the next few weeks, Lime riders in specific U.S. and Canadian cities will be able to access the group game feature directly from iOS and Android devices. Please note that all users must agree to abide by Lime's rules and regulations before boarding the car."

Are you excited about the new features introduced by Lime? As an industrial design company, behind the creation of each product, it is to provide the public with a more convenient way of travel. Starting from the practicality of the product's structural functions, each structural function can be used wherever it is available. I believe that more and more convenient functions will be created and invented in the future, and any function that can improve the riding safety of scooters should be respected.